Application of navigation with maps StreetBase is the first with 100% national coverage

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Imagem MireoFrom now on, os usuários de tablets e smartphones também podem visualizar a base de mapas Street Base, single database with scanned cover of 100% Brazilian territory., que acaba de ser disponibilizado para o sistema operacional Android por meio do aplicativo “Mireo Don’t Panic”.

Created by Image, leader in the GIS market (Geographic information systems) of Latin America, the Street Light is the only navigation application that allows users to plot routes to anywhere in Brazil, due to the differential cover the entire national territory. In addition, allows viewing maps with information about street sense, speed limits and surveillance radars, find points of interest in a particular region and get additional data about airports, Highways, tolls, neighborhoods, parks and squares, between other.

“O diferencial do Mireo Don’t Panic é ser o primeiro aplicativo de navegação GPS criado para a plataforma Android que apresenta o mapeamento completo do Brasil, with information from 5.565 municipalities and 1,1 million miles of highways made available from the basic Street maps, says Rodrigo Flores, marketing manager of Street image Base.

The application was developed by Mireo, empresa croata especializada em softwares de navegação GPS para devices móveis, who is joining the Brazilian market through partnership with the image. "In each country, the Mireo uses the base of a company to insert maps in the application. In Brazil, the Mireo chose the image as spatial data base provider due to our market leadership and to the fact that the Street more detailed mapping display Base available in the country ", Executive highlights.

Other prominent features of the application are: ability to share locations through text messages (SMS); fuel cost reduction allows to suggest "smart routes" to motorists; all functions are available in Portuguese (including voice commands); route calculation with speed up to 100 times faster than currently available systems; "smart search", that works with partial fingering; and automatic archiving of scheduled routes.

The application "Mireo Don ' t Panic" is available in Google Play Store (former Andoid Market) for $ 39,99.

About the image

Founded in 1986, the image is the market leader in geographic information systems (GIS) with 25% national market share in the industry. The company offers a complete solution of Geographical Intelligence gathering GIS platform of the American company's industry-leading Esri, geographic content (satellite images, territorial maps of multiple scales and themes,etc) and applications (consulting, implementation of systems,eetc for the most diverse business processes.

Image's products and services are used by hundreds of companies, private and public, from sectors such as Government (municipal, statewide, federal), environment, mining, oil and gas, agrobusiness, transport, telecommunications, public safety and defense. Also focused on Utilities, offers solutions for energy and sanitation. In 2011, the company earned revenues of R $ 72 million.

Based in São José dos Campos (SP), the image has regional offices and a wide network of partners in country. For more information, visit:

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