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Tired of accessing the collective buying sites and only see offers that nothing will interest you? Know now the Urban Geek.

Geek Urbano   Compras ColetivasTravel, lose weight, movies, foods? Not, technology!

When accessing collective buying sites always faced with offerings that don't interest us a lot, mainly, If you are a geek como eu. Encontrar um computer, television, notebook, Mobile, camera etc. is a difficult task. Precisely for this reason was itself created the Urban Geek, a collective shopping site for those who want to get down to Business Technology.

In fact, the site does not offer direct purchase of products, but mounts a catalogue with the main country's offerings in the category, and facilitates the time has come to find a product. For example, you want to buy a computer, but you don't have time to research in several collective buying sites. No problem, go to the Urban Geek, see the offers in the catalogue and make your choice.


In addition to the online catalog updated daily, We have a system of newsletter that sends every day to the latest offerings of registered online catalog, so you can show without even needing to access the website. Practical, not?


Visit and check out this novelty. Is more a project that Tips in General develops thinking of you, consumer, you want to be always well informed and, course, take advantage of the tools that exist to assist. See and check!

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

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