Cale avast antivirus and the famous phrase “virus definitions have been updated”

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calado avastIf you, as soon as I, already got tired of listening to the famous phrase “virus definitions have been updated” veja nesta dica como deixar o antivirus avast caladinho e evitar aquele constrangimento, even scare, in moments expropriated.

How to proceed

Click the arrow that points up, next ao relógio na barra de tarefas (If the avast icon is not appearing).

calado avast 1

Now, Click Open the avast interface.

calado avast 2

Already in the anti-virus interface, Click Settings, in the upper-right corner of the window.

calado avast 3

Nesta janela menor vários tópicos no canto esquerdo are visíveis, but let's click that entitled Sounds.

calado avast 4

Now just uncheck the option Use voice sounds and click OK.

calado avast 5

Ready, at this point your avast antivirus is already mouth tightly closed.

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