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To democratize the Internet education and disseminate free training, the project # teaches netizens get openSEO success in search engines.

open seoEvery day there are hundreds of websites and blogs in the virtual world and the number of new users of the Internet and social networks continue to grow. Only in Brazil we are already about 82,4 millions of Internet users, more than 500 millions of people are indexed on Twitter around the world and 46 millions of Brazilians on Facebook. After All, Nowadays, any user is free to publish and share the information that you want to. And many are now earning money from it. There are blogs that have become so popular that already charge a particular value for companies who want to advertise on your page.

But it is not so easy to conquer the best positions in search engines and be easily found by netizens. Because only Google records currently approximately 110,7 millions of visitors around the world. In addition, There is also an unfair competition because many people and agencies often use illegal ‘ techniques’ to be well positioned in Google and that go against the guidelines certain on the site.

To enlarge the knowledge about the subject, disseminate information and democratize the free training (free and virtual), Syed, CEO and founder of Conversion (online marketing agency with a focus on site optimizations and conversions) created the project #OpenSEO. The goal is to offer free courses about how to apply the techniques of SEO in websites and blogs. Lessons can be accessed virtually and are produced, including, para quem não possui experiência com a tool.

"Everything I learned was on the Internet. Minha formação Professional se deu em sites, blogs and forums and the project is a way to reciprocate this learning contributing to, who knows, formar other professionals, form human beings who will work with SEO ", explains the Executive.

Para se ter uma idéia da importance do mecanismo, in the last three months Google has deployed Google Penguin, that seeks to remove the sites that index “abuse of optimization” and that are not very relevant for the user. "Leave sites disqualified, entering more sites that produce good information ", says Executive. So, to assist the new content producers who are or will reach the worldwide network of the Internet and who want to be well positioned in search engines, o especialista ensina algumas Tips valiosas.

Your site among the first

1. Produce good content

- The texts must be totally unique (do not copy anything!)

- Produce content that has between 300 and 1.000 characters (use Microsoft Word to count going on the Menu > Review > Count Words)

- The text should contain keywords that you would like to be found, especially in titles. Avoid repeat them many times to not make boring reading.

- Browse make internal links to other articles, posts or pages of your site, as well as other. To learn how to make internal links, veja

- Illustrates well the site page or blog, insert images (tagged “alt” appointing correctly the image) and even videos.

2. Do not buy or exchange links, produce good content

It is a common practice of sites penalized by Google Penguin holding purchase scheme and exchange links, practice that Google does not accept, Once results in the manipulation of results.

However, receive links helps a lot to stay well positioned, but stay tuned: must be natural and organic links, as, for example, a person who found your interesting content. Links from a website of the same thread have much weight to Google.

3. Make sites for human beings, not for search bots

Unfortunately, people who know SEO techniques the use, many times, only with the intent to deceive the search engines, achieving good positions through the manipulation of results. However, increasingly, Google has been enhanced to find and ban your site pages that achieve good results this way.

4. Let your site be shared on social networks

Social networks today are very important, including a site be well positioned on Google. So, always provide in the texts on readers ' share option on the social media site or blog link, as well as the ability to "like" and "tweet" your page.

5. Use keywords in the title of your content

Google finds pages according to keywords. And the most important element is the title. So, in this space, use the key words that make the search engines identify your site.

To stay on top of the most searched terms on Google to access the tool Adwords.

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