To avoid missing the energy generator can be the solution

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Unfortunately the risk of falling energy and blackouts still exists in Brazil, especially in the rainy seasons as summer. So, companies, trades, Hotels, Hostels, clinics, hospitals and even residences are opting for power generators. They have various powers to meet different needs. In case of residence, se for apenas um mínimo de conforto como para deixar apparatus as mobile phones e ventiladores ligados, a small generator is enough. If you're going to use the TV, micro-ondas e computer, It takes at least equipment 1.000 watts. If refrigerator or air conditioner is best to use a generator 2.500 the 5.000 wwatts respectively.

gerador energiaIn the market for various models, as gasoline generators of Ferrari (GG-950, GG-2500, GG-4000, GG-5500) to meet the most different needs, including camping, fisheries, residences, offices, civil construction, between other. Are more potent and long service life due to voltage stabilizer, sistema de safety AVR que protege o gerador de sobrecarga, providing a stable voltage to power sensitive equipment. Have the largest number of outlets of category with 127 Volts and 220 Volts, that allow working voltages simultaneously. In addition, the most potent as GG-2500, GG-4000, GG-5500 have motor 4 While offering economy with low fuel consumption.

Before, generator was uncommon in homes, but for affordability and need this reality may be about to change. May even be a good alternative to UPS.

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