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Online LifestyleVocê fez a opção por comprar um notebook, or know anybody who wants a, and you have no idea what to take into consideration when choosing among the various options that the market offers. This is a problem! Take home a piece of equipment that won't meet the needs, or inconsistent with the user's profile, means waste of time and money. However, separei algumas Tips com base no site Oficina da Net, that will help you in time to make that decision.·

  • O que precisa ter – Se você já tem um computer de mesa, look for a setting based on him, no mínimo. For example, If at work you use a desktop with 4 GB of RAM, 500GB HD and a screen 15 inches. Well, look for a laptop of this size. Watch processor! Give priority to be dual-core, no mí least
  • Mark – very hear about brands. Some are famous for the quality of the products. Other, by the amount of problems. Obviously not everything they say is true. Some are new and even been commented. I suggest searching, one of the best-known brands, price variations, find out about the warranty and if there is an authorized service center in the city, even before you buy.
  • Video card – this is an optional factor. Se o que você quer é um notebook para games, She is important. Otherwise, will only bring an additional price and will not be shared. I mean because this type of calling card off-board only works when the computer needs. If you never need never work.

These tips are the simplest possible. If you want to know more before making their purchases, consulte um Professional de informática e peça auxílio. But don't ask for suggestion of models! Show him the notebooks that you separated, According to what you judge between best cost x benefit, and he will tell you which one is right for you. Happy shopping!

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