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In the present day, with the popularization of the internet, no longer exists in the habit of sending letters written by mail. Now, It's much more practical to send an email, that can be used for both people and companies, anywhere in the world, with the guarantee immediate reception and no cost. But, along with all this practicality, There are many features that, If used unconsciously, can generate negative effects for you or your company.

EmailTo exemplify, I'll discuss some practices that must be carried out with great care:

Multiple recipients-It is common to companies and/or professionals to send emails to multiple people at the same time, for a single message generates a copy instantly to that many receive-at the same time. However, If you include all the addresses in the "to" field, cada um deles poderá ver os endereços dos other, generating a negative image for whoever sent, and exposing the address of other, you contribute so that any software or malicious user to make use of these addresses for sending spam or messages without your consent.

Subject – It should be as brief as possible and, at the same time, more direct. It is not necessary a subject too large or that is confusing to read. The shorter and clear, more chances you will have of having your message read and highlighted in the midst of thousands others in your recipient's Inbox.

Colors and fonts -the use of color makes it easy to read, but be careful when using in excess. Use, maximum, three colors. I recommend using a single color (Black) for the text and, If necessary, just make use of bold, italics or underline. In a few cases it is necessary to use different fonts or sizes. If the email is probably corporate this feature is interesting.

Documents -sending documents via the web must be done very carefully. Pode ser que esse content seja visto por outras pessoas a quem não deveria. Therefore, If possible, compress the content in ZIP format and protect with password. The system itself offers this capability to compress files, But if necessary, download a program called WinRAR.

CC and BCC -many see this feature in the program of sending emails and do not understand what it means. CC means carbon copy. I.e., all email addresses that are in this field receive a copy of the message, but their addresses will be released. The Bcc field ensures that everyone gets the same copy, but the addresses are not disclosed. The only address that appears as recipient will be what is written in the "to" field, that can be the actual sender's email, If it is the case of a company, for example.

Essas são apenas algumas Tips práticas para que seu e-mail seja escrito de forma saudável e bem interpretado. After All, uma empresa ou um Professional que faz uso incorreto deste recurso pode atrapalhar a sua imagem.

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