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What is the best time to ask for a raise? Will managers realize my effort in the company? These are some questions of professional life. According to the writer and professor Marcus Garcia, author of the book corporate knowledge, Pedagogy, Practices and References, you have to realize that each posture takes within a company. "Respect for the professional environment is an important factor for success. The failures can happen, but there are some errors that damage the image that you want to build professionally ", teacher notes, that lists some common mistakes and explains what to do to avoid them:

Reconhecimento Profissional- Think you're irreplaceable: People are irreplaceable, but no talents, i.e., develop your talents increases your chances professionals.

- Suck up to the Manager: That just bother. Who likes flattery demonstrates a bad example of efficiency in management.

- Overestimate their achievements: Do not call attention to a commonplace as if it were something extraordinary, because it can become inconvenient.

- Call the Chief Manager: Avoid using this term, principalmente diante de other co-workers.

- Manipulating situations for their own benefit: Don't promote on faults committed by colleagues. Its efficiency is that it can bring benefits.

- Give an opinion without being queried: Interfere in a meeting can be seen as an intrusion rather than proactive attitude.

- Promoting intrigues: When a conflict happens, the problem may lie in the lack or excess of communication between the parties. To prevent anyone gets injured, involved or not, stay free and seek to resolve the situation with the competent media company to clarify what is required.

The use of the internet or make personal calls also deserve attention. According to professor Marcus Garcia, even if access is allowed, should be avoided. "Enjoy this time to strengthen working relationships with colleagues and managers, Search news in the market and think about what you can do to improve their work in the enterprise ", suggests.

To develop their talents, the professor explains that it is necessary to seek the improvement with courses and training, lectures and readings of books and magazines. Another tip is to interact with managers. "Show which can give better support to the work of the Manager, ask if the performance is in line with the expected, no smoking and communicating politely, Ethics and cordial are essential ", notes.

In some cases, the developer realizes that it's time to scout around and decides to ask for a raise in salary or a promotion. But, How to do this without being misinterpreted by the Manager? According to professor Marcus Garcia the subject need not be seen as a taboo or disrespect to the company. "This issue can be handled without reservations, open and transparent manner ", advises. In hiring is already indicated set a hit on post, responsibilities, career plan, salários e revisões perióTips. "But, If it is not settled at this stage, without problems, It is possible to present the arguments and facts, confirming the worthiness of the review of the salary or take on new challenges in business ", comments.

However, the effects were not as expected, He recommends honesty. “Caso se sinta em condições de procurar melhores opportunities, speak the truth. Tell him I will seek other options, But while the company, will continue acting as usual ", Notes Garcia.

Professor Marcus Garcia

Com formação na área de Education, Pedagogia e Technology da Informação, professor Marcus Garcia teaches there are 30 years and is lecturer for 15. Acts also as business consultant and has written 16 books in technical areas, motivational and educational, among them "Success: a matter of identity "and the series" Professional Education "and the series" school in the 21st century ". For more information about the speaker, just access the site:

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

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