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Pessoas CriativasHow many times have you needed an idea of those and just at that moment he couldn't think of anything? Or still, was quiet, doing any activity and suddenly a super idea emerges as a magically in your head? This is more common than you think, as ideas come and go all the time, but there are times when it seems they simply disappear from our lives, is what we call writer's block!

By Gisele Meter *

Is a mistake to think that writer's block is something geared only for creative professionals, marketing or design. Today, creativity in business has been quite an issue addressed, because, to innovate you need without a shadow of a doubt, use the right side of the brain.

I'm a big believer in strategic creativity, or better, I believe that creativity can be used as strategic base when well structured, for this to develop creative thinking is also improve strategic thinking, so valued in the business world.

Some people believe that creativity must be outside of the Administration, I maintain that this is a big mistake! Because, were fairly creative maneuvers and well-reasoned (that thinking outside the box), that highlighted many companies we have as references in various market segments, even those considered "more technical" so to speak.

Therefore, invest more in your creative side and start to realize creativity as a strategic tool. I guarantee that if you start thinking that way, the ideas will start to arise much more frequent.

Destaco dez Tips para combater o bloqueio criativo e potencializar a criatividade:

1 -Trust your creative potential: The first step for writer's block is to believe that this is a skill that takes place away from your behavioral repertoire. When is believed to not be a creative person, the chances of blocking the right side of the brain increase considerably. There is no person without creativity, There is a lack of training and inattention to your ideas.

2 -Don't be shy: The more brilliant ideas have been considered absurd a day. Don't be ashamed of exposing your ideas, If you need to feel safer, place them on paper, structure so that you can better understand what you think, but never let to expose what he believes.

3 -Chat with people outside of your professional: Regardless of your profession, try to be in contact with people from various fields, see how they act in the workplace, What are the actions that they take when they need to solve complex problems and how they work creativity. Like this, You'll notice that you can also find many answers in professions that could ever imagine. I for example, Despite being a psychologist, much of what I know about creativity, I learned studying Graphic Design.

4 -Read interesting content: Not always the answer to what you need will be precisely on that specific book. Try to open your mind and pick what interests you, even though it appears to have no connection to what you're looking for at the moment. Intuitively your brain is already preparing to awaken the creative side.

5 – Escute uma boa music: Some people get to work listening to music, other perdem totalmente a concentração até com o assobio do colega ao lado. You have to realize and know how music can be used for your creativity! Stop a few minutes to listen to music that inspires you can be a oxygen for good ideas. Try!

6 -Eat: My grandma said "empty bag for not standing!"The same way, I say: Good ideas do not arise when we have needs to be satisfied (remember the Maslow pyramid). The tip is simple, Don't be hungry! Unless you're A chef, and need to invent a super recipe, trying to find a creative solution with an empty stomach, You can make your ideas do not stop standing!

7 – Think outside the box: Thinking outside the box is do something the way you ever had imagined before and open to new possibilities to see something new, beyond what is used. So I say, It is not enough to just "thinking of thinking" outside the box, We also need to know what is your box: review your concepts.

8 -Find out what triggers your creativity: There are people who like to draw, others prefer to watch a movie or even an animation. It is important to know what arouses that light of ideas, because what works for one, will not always be the formula of success for other. Learn what feeds his creativity and cultivate this habit, I bet you only gain.

9 – Get out of the rut: Try changing the route once a week on your way to work. Do things that are just out of your day to day once in a while. Can cause some awkwardness at first, but this helps activate brain areas that are not developed.

10 -Don't be afraid to make mistakes: For this last tip, Let the words of Michael Jordan: “Missed more than 9.000 baskets and lost almost 300 Games. In 26 different endings of matches was in charge of throwing the ball to win the game and I failed. I have a story fraught with flaws and failures in my life. And that's exactly why I'm a success.” Stop worrying about the error, This only brings anguish and stagnation. In the game of creativity, just as in life, Err also provides learning – move on!

*About Gisele Meter

Gisele Meter is a psychologist (CRP 08/18389), businesswoman, Executive Director of human resources, speaker, strategic consultant in personnel management and organizational change management. Columnist for portals and sites aimed at female audiences and Directors, She is also the creator of Life ® – Liderança Feminina Estratégica para o development de líderes nas empresas.

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

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