Using a Flash Drive to increase the Performance of your computer

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Usando um Pen-Drive para Aumentar a Performance de seu Computer

Com a chegada do Windows Vista, the new operating system from Microsoft, muita coisa mudou no mundo da technology. A few years ago, a computer with 512 MB of RAM was considered "bullet", podendo rodar os principais Games do mercado e utilizar sem nenhum problema ou lentidão o Windows XP. That's over. Run the new Windows Vista with 512 MB of RAM is asking to spend rage. Thanks to the "new technologies" employed in the new operating system, the same was very heavy and require a computer “potent” in order to run smoothly. The minimum amount of RAM required by Microsoft, to run Windows Vista without many problems, is 1 GB (1024Mb). But if you don't have money to upgrade at the moment and want to run Windows Vista with 512 MB of RAM, You can take a look at a very useful feature in Windows Vista, ReadyBoost.

ReadyBoost is a new technology that uses a Pen-Drive (or MP3/MP4 Player) to add more RAM (cache) to the system. With her, you improve the performance of your computer and can give an extra benefit for your Flash Drive. This tip, you will learn how to use this new technology and it, give a hand to your computer.

Obs.: We recommend using this technology on a computer that has, maximum, 512Mb of RAM. If you have more RAM, You can not see any difference with the ReadyBoost technology enabled.

First, We need to know if your Flash Drive is compatible. The minimum requirements are:

Seating capacity of 256 MB and no larger than 4 GB;
Support for USB connection 2.0;
Read speed of, no mínimo, 3,5Mb/s write, no mínat least/s;
Have, at least, 64Mb of available space.
If your Flash Drive is not accepted by the system, the following message will appear:

First, “stick” your Flash Drive into any USB port of your computer and wait for the system to recognize it. The window appears in the AutoPlay. Click "speed up my system" and hold open the options.

With the options open, Select how much available memory you will leave for ReadyBoost. If you have 512 MB of RAM, recommend leaving as much as possible (or the total amount of available memory on your Flash Drive).

After you click Ok, the Flash Drive will be used to speed up the system.

When you remove the Flash Drive from the computer, only the cache will be lost. There is no loss of important data, or loss or risk to the system.

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