Preventing possible problems with the new Windows Vista network services in a Wireless network

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Foram constatados alguns problems que envolvem um excessivo consumo do tráfego de informações em um Router Wireless sendo necessário as vezes a reinicialização do mesmo para voltar ao normal, for this type of situation can be use the following instructions to work around the problem:

Click with the right button of the mouse sobre o ícone de seu adaptador de rede ao lado do relógio e escolha” Network Center “, in the new window click on the right side of your connection in ” Customize “, in the new box select your connection, and then click ” Properties “, Click ” PropProperties221; novamente na nova janela e na lista de services e protocolos presentes desmarque os seguintes:

Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)

Link-layer Topology Discovery Mapper i/o Driver

Link-layer Topology Disconvery Respond

At the top, Click on the button ” Configure ” and in the new window click Network adapter properties on the tab “Power Management”, Uncheck all options present.

Apply the new settings by clicking OK.

Click Start» Run and type services.msc , in the Services Console locate the Base Filtering Engine service and stop the service, automatically other serviços dependentes deste serão interrompidos no mesmo momento (IKE and AuthIP Keying Modules, IP Helper Service, IPsec e Windows Firewall). Configure these as “Disable” and RESTART the Windows Vista.

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