Increasing the speed of the processor [Overclock]

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Increasing a velocidade do processor [Overclock]

No computer, by default, the processor (CPU) comes in its “speed” minimal. Let's change the setup of BIOS that speed:

1º ligue o computer e fique apertando DEL (or F10/F2, Depending on the PC), to enter the SETUP…

2º To enter the Setup, you will see a series of items. Look for a processor that. Generally the name of this item is or resembles “Processor Settings” or the “CPU Setup” or still “Features Setup” or “Advanced Settings”. To get in on this item, will appear a value multiplied by another. This is the operation FSB x multiplier = Clock, where multiplier is a numeric value. Note that the resulting value of this multiplication is processor clock value. Now let's go to overclock. We will use as an example a overclock held a Pentium 4 of 1.6 GHz. Your FSB x multiplier setting is:

100 MHz x 16 = 1.6 GHz or 1.600 MHz

For overclocking, the FSB was changed to 133 MHz (geralmente é possível mudar esse valor através das teclas de seta ou dos botões Page Up e Page Down em seu keyboard):

133 MHz x 16 = 2.1 GHz or 2.128 MHz

Recalling, the FSB of your computer may be in another value. If you are in 400 MHz for example, He is multiplied by 4 (100 MHz x 4 = 400 MHz). In the example, It is notorious the performance gain. The Pentium 4 of 1.6 GHz jumped to 2.1 GHz.

Now let's show an example on one processor Ahtlon XP 1600+ MHz. In fact, This processor operates at 1.400 MHz, but AMD a symbol + to say that the model, even operating in 1.400 MHz, is equivalent to a Pentium 4 of 1.600 MHz.MHz

In our example, This processor works in the following configuration:

133 MHz x 10.5 = 1.4 GHz or 1.396.5 MHz

Changing FSB 133 for 166 MHz, the result is:

166 MHz x 10.5 = 1.7 GHz or 1.743 MHz

Benefits: Improves your computer's performance

Risks: the CPU and the boards can burn when very forced and can leave your PC unstable (slow).

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