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In school time, I and friends and I think most children, We had the custom of drawing in sheet edge small dolls. On each sheet desenhávamos a dummy with a small difference, When your drawing notebook folheávamos movimentava, won “life”. This is the concept of animation.

Stop motion is a form of animation that uses models in various materials, inside of the most common, are the mass of the model (plasticine), dolls or even people.

The models are moved and photographed frame by frame. These frames are then assembled into an island of editing, thereby creating the impression of movement. At this stage, sound effects are added, fala e music.

One of the many films made with the technique of stop motion was the Weird World of Jack, directed by Tim Burton. Chicken run, The Corpse Bride, Wallace and Gromit are some examples.

Currently in Brazil, the King is producing a producer Animates feature film with stop motion technique called “EARTHWORMS”, where Brazil will be the first country in Latin America to produce in such a technique.

This technique always caught my attention, perhaps by uniting very peculiar, techniques of photography and video, my two passions. Watching some videos of animation with this technique over the internet, I ended up running with the program AnimatorHD. Powerful software for stop motion that brings in its curriculum the film Peter and the Wolfda Breakthru Film Ltd. winner of Academy Awards, USES: 2008, In addition to the awards: Annecy International Animated Film Festival: 2007 Won Audience Award, 2007 Won Grand Prix; BAFTA Awards: 2007 Nominated BAFTA Film Award and Rose d ´ Or Light Entertainment Festival” 2007 Won Golden Rose.

Watch the video of presentation of the program below, that includes some scenes from the film Peter and the Wolf (Peter and the Wolf) and see the many possibilities.

There Are 3 purchase options:

Professionals: With Film Producer versions AnimatorHD and AnimatorHD Live View;

Educational and enthusiasts: With version AnimatorHD Personal;

And the simplified version and free, the AnimatorDV Simple , that lets you work with DV cameras with firewire-attached, webcams and still cannot import a sequence of photos of your digital camera.

All versions, except the AnimatorDV Simple , support:

  • 35 mm and 16 mm cameras
  • Digital Still Cameras, incl.. Canon Live View!
  • HD Cam
  • Betacam SP/SDI
  • DV
  • Other TWAIN devices
  • Analog source (WDM, e. g. LIVE graphics cards) and webcams.

All with Onion Skin mode, that is the opportunity to see in depth, This way it is possible to be precise in the movement of the model.

To download the program AnimatorDV Simple , who owns less than 5 mb, follow the link:

After the download and installation, the first time you start the program, you need the registration number of the program. The record number is provided by own manufacturer and is the same for all users: ADV00843072-243

I made two quick videos to test the AnimatorDV simple , the first using a webcam very simple and the second using a digital video camera connected to your PC via firewire. I have to say that I already wrote a vocational both roadmap and already I think, as soon as time allows, produce a richer video.

Above, some pictures of the setup mounted very quickly to test the AnimatorDV Simple .

If you got excited, hands in the mass, literally!

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