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google-chrome-logoTHE browser do Google foi lançado há menos de uma semana é já é sucesso absoluto. I made a superseleção of 7 skins to make your browser even more beautiful! Is a must!

How to install?

*In "USER NAME", substitua pelo nome do usuário do seu computer.

* In Theme folder, Rename the file "defaut.dll" to "backupdefault".

For users the Windows XP:

Copy the file.DLL extracted in theme file (.zip) downloaded to the folder:

(C):Documents and Settings”NOME DO USUÁRIO”Configurações locaisDados de applicationsGoogleChromeApplication.2.149.29Themes

For Windows Vista users:

Copy the file.DLL extracted in theme file (.zip) downloaded to the folder:

(C):Users”NOME DO USUÁRIO”AppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplication.2.149.29Themes

Restart the browser and enjoy!


Download: Chrome Safarish

Via: DeviantART

Download: Tango Chrome

Via: DeviantART

Download: Black Textured

Via: WinMatrix

Download: Blue Textured

Via: WinMatrix

Download: Red Textured

Via: WinMatrix

Download: LimeGreen Textured

Via: WinMatrix

Download: Mint Textured

Via: WinMatrix

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