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Windowss-7Apesar do novo SO da Microsoft apresentar um performance incrivelmente superior ao Vista, You can perform some settings in order to accelerate it even more, seguindo o primeiro tutorial da web para otimização do Windows 7

1. Uma das coisas que mais pesam no desempenho do computer, is the Aero effect. If you don't care much for the Visual disable it. To do this, Click with the right button of the mouse on the Desktop, and then Customize. Now enable Windows 7 Basic Theme, which is located in Ease of Access Themes.


2. As with its predecessor, the Seven also has the Windows Defender, serving as anti-spyware. What we will do is disable the automatic scanning, que é habilitada por padrão e deixa o computer lento quando está sendo executada.

Go to start and in the search box, type Windows Defender and click on the program icon.


The second step is to open the options box Windows Defender, clicking Tools and then in Options. In the next window uncheck the box Automatically scan my computer (recommended) and click Save, then Yes.


3. The third step is to turn off some effects that remain enabled even after you apply the theme Basic. Again Let's in the search box and type sysdm.cpl and give a click over the result. Go to the tab Advanced and in Performace Click Settings and leave just the box Use visual styles on windows and buttons marked.


It is interesting to also leave checked the box Smooth edges of screen fonts, that leaves rounds the edge of screen fonts, getting sharper read something on your PC.

4. THE Windows Security Center exists since the XP. It serves to monitor and inform the user about some issues Windows judge forming part of the security of your computer. Disable the Central causes fewer resources are consumed in the system.

In Start, in the search box, type services.msc, opening it up then. Locate the item Security Center and double-click on it. In the window that opens, in Startup type, Select Disable and press Ok.


5. The last step is to disable the automatic defragmentation of disks, that also makes the system slow when running.

Type Disk Defragmenter in the search box on the start menu to locate and open the tool. With open Defragmenter, Click on Turn on schedule and deactivate the option Run on the shedule (recommended).


6. The útlmo step is to disable the Volume shadow copy, used to perform backups of all your files. What is a function almost useless, because once the System restore is enabled, are created copies of the main system files, In addition to that, the most recommended for home users is to perform the backup of your personal files periodically.

Let's go back to the services.msc, Locate the item Volume Shadow Copy, We give two clicks on it and disable this service completely.


7. This is the end! Certainly what was already fast became turbinado. With these settings on a computer with 512 MB of Ram Windows 7 can rotate with the same agility and stability than XP.

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