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Shortcuts são comandos usados no keyboard que podem facilitar muito nossas vidas, In addition to representing a considerable savings of time and gain agility, When you get used to using them.

With the features present in the Windows 7, new shortcuts were implemented. From the list below, many have formed part of the earlier operating systems, others are new.

I don't expect you to memorize all this list, mas recomendo que tente gravar aqueles que correspondem aos comandos que mais utiliza no seu computer. With the time, you might notice a big difference in the speed at which performs these tasks in your daily life.


• The " " sign means that the command buttons need to be pressed to
same time.
• "Windows" refers to the key with the Windows logo on the keyboard, also known
as "Winkey".

New shortcuts in Windows 7

• Windows + Up arrow - Maximizes the window;
• Windows + Down arrow – Restores the window, If maximized. If you are not maximizing, minimizes the window command;
• Windows + Left arrow - Aligns the current window to the left of the screen;


• Windows + Right arrow – Aligns the current window to the right of the screen;


• Windows + “ ” - Zoom the screen
• Windows + “-” – Decreases the zoom screen;


With these two commands above (Windows + "-" and Windows + “ ”), You can use the zoom in any desktop or just in a small rectangular space, as shown in the image above.

• Windows + P -Opens the menu showing options for monitors/projectors;


• Windows + Home -Minimizes / Restores all Windows, under the current;
• Windows + SPACEBAR – Makes all Windows transparent so you can see
the desktop;


• Windows + Shift + Left – Move a janela atual para o monitor da esquerda, in case
There is more than one monitor on the same computer;
• Windows + Shift + Right – Moves the current window to the right monitor, in case there
more than one monitor on the same computer;
• Alt + P -Shows or hides the preview window in Windows Explorer.


Shortcuts that you may already know of Windows Vista

• Win Tab -3D preview of open Windows;
• Ctrl + Windows + Tab – Also brings a 3D preview of open Windows, However this view is still open even dropping the keys;


• Windows + [number] -Performs the taskbar programs according to the ordered number. For example, If I press "Windows + 3”, According to the image below, the program executed will be Internet Explorer.


• Windows + T – Mostra mini-visualizações dos applications sendo executados na barra de tarefas sem ser necessário passar o mouse por cima deles;


Shortcuts that you may already know of Windows XP

• Alt F4 -Closes the current window;
• Alt Tab – Toggles the display between open Windows;
• Alt left – Back to the previous window;
• Alt right – Advances to the next window (case back);
• Ctrl mouse wheel – Exchange the size or current display mode.
• F1 -Open Help topics;
• Windows + (D) – Restores all Windows and show the desktop;
• Windows + AND -Open Windows Explorer;
• Windows + (F) -To start a new search on Windows (not to be confused with "Ctrl + (F) ");
• Windows + L – Puts the computer in standby mode;
• Windows + M – Minimize all Windows;
• Windows + Pause Break -Open the "System Properties";
• Windows + R -Open the "run" dialog box;
• Windows + U -Open Utility Manager;

There are many other shortcuts for Windows, so many that it would be virtually impossible to list all here. But like I said upstairs, using these commands you will notice an improvement in the way sensitive works in front of the computer.

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