Optimizing the performance of Windows 7

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performanceWith torrents, many programs, a browser with dozens of tabs open, antivírus e music, all running together, mesmo os computers mais modernos podem parecer carroças antigas.

But so that you avoid this type of problem, deixarei aqui algumas dicas para otimizar a performance do seu PC com o Windows 7, without having to spend a dime or install programs for this.

Remove the programs you never use

This is a tip that is worth to be taken into account from time to time. Often install software to individual needs, that we no longer use after a certain activity and end up forgetting them. If it's been a long time since you don't look at what's installed on your PC, probably will be amazed at the amount of disused programs that are there.

In addition, Some PC manufacturers include software that you didn't request and probably never will use. Programs that you,Maybe, don't even know they're on your PC and can occupy a precious space from your memory and the hard drive. It is a good idea then, periodically, uninstall software you don't use.

Programs that start up with Windows

Many programs are developed to initialize automatically with Windows. Some of them, running in the background, Maybe you never know they're there, consuming processing and memory. The automatic startup is very helpful for programs you always use, but can hinder the performance of your PC with programs you rarely makes use.

To solve this problem, go to Control Panel>System and security>Tools
Administrative Provisions>System configuration
and click on the tab "Startup Programs". Now,
just choose which programs you want to or not to boot with Windows. However,
This tool is designed for advanced users. Do not make changes unless you have
sure you know what you're doing.

Disk defragmentation

Disk Defragmenter is an old acquaintance of most users, already present in previous versions of Windows. Fragmentation occurs when the hard disk files are constantly being modified, and may cause the reading of the data is much slower. Therefore, disk defragmentation despite being a simple tip, a lot of times is ignored, e é uma tarefa crucial para manter seu computer ágil.

Click the radio button Start and in the search box type "Disk Defragmenter". You can schedule the defrag periodically or when it sees fit, manual mode.

Disk Cleanup

As well as the Defragmenter, the Disk Cleanup is another crucial task to keep your PC healthy. In this way you remove temporary files, Clears the Recycle Bin, and removes a large amount of unnecessary files that have been accumulated over time.

To access, Click the radio button Start and in the search box type "Disk Cleanup".

Change your habits

varias-janelas-abertasWe often have the habit of opening dozens of emails and different Windows in your browser, run multiple programs simultaneously while still hear music or see a video. In this way many computers can be extremely slow and the solution to this is not to increase the memory of your PC, or spend more money on a better processor.

To improve performance of your computer, just often wonder:
"I really need this?”. Find a happy medium and keep open only the programs that are actually in use, This can make a big difference.

Visual effects are cool, but…

For older computers, they may affect the performance. Would you rather your Windows rotate fast or more beautiful?

If you have a fast computer, probably do not need to use this tip. Otherwise, you might want to forgo some things.

In Windows 7 You can control some 20 Visual effects, as for example the effect of transparency, the way the menus open and close, between other.

1. Open the Control Panel and look for "Performance information and tools”.
2. Click "Adjust Visual effects”.
3. Click on the tab "Visual Effects"and then click"Adjust for best performance
and click OK.

Restart regularly

At least once a week, restart your computer. When you restart, your PC clears the memory of services that were started and were never closed, greatly improving the performance.

Use a good antivirus

Usually, When the performance issue is related to a virus, your PC is much slower than normal. It is always a good tip, in any circumstance, always have a good antivirus and an installed antispyware.

For both, Microsoft offers the free Microsoft Security Essentials for users of genuine Windows. Learn more about it in this post.

By following these tips, you will be able to maintain the health and performance of your PC without headaches.

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