Customizing your Windows 7

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If you, as soon as I, passa horas por dia na frente do computer, It is normal if cansedaquela same desktop image, the same colors on your system and want to give a more personal touch to your PC.

THE Windows 7 allows customization of parts of the system, so you leave with your face, using the themes or adding gadgets on the desktop.

What is a theme?


A theme is a combination of images, colors and sounds on your computer. This includes from the background of your desktop is the entire sound scheme. Alguns temas permitem que você modifique até mesmo os ícones do Windows e os ponteiros do mouse. The options are limitless.

In Windows 7, many new subjects have been added. To view these topics, Click on the button Start > Control Panel and type "customization"in the search box. Click Personalization. Now simply click on a theme to apply it. See how in a few seconds you gave a new face to Windows 7! Simple as that.

In official website of Windows, você ainda encontra diversos other themes, including some international themes, with images from other countries around the world. Yes, even has a theme of "Brazil" (that's what I'm using here). To use site themes, just click on Download the theme you want, and then click Open. Ready, the theme will be applied. Simple as that.

Customizing a theme


In versions of Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate, You can even customize and create your own theme, using your favorite photos and leaving the Windows with their "fingerprint", one way only your. To do this, you need from an existing theme:

1. Click on the button Start > Control Panel and type "customization"in the search box. Click Customization.
2. Click the theme you want to change to apply it.

• Changing the desktop background: Select the check box of the image that you want to use and click Save changes.
• Changing the color of your window borders: Click window Color, Click the color you want to use, adjust the intensity and click Save changes.
• Changing the sounds: Click Sounds, change the sounds in the program Events list, and then click OK.
• Adding screen saver: Click screen saver, Click an item from the list screen saver, change all the settings that you want, and then click OK.

Now you have two options: use the theme for your own use or share with friends and family.

Use the theme for your own use

Go back to the Panel of Customization, Click your revised theme and click Save theme. That way your theme will be available in the Panel whenever you want to use it.

Share with friends and family.

1. Go back to the Panel of Customization and click on your revised theme to apply it.
2. Click with the right mouse button in the theme, and then click Save theme for
3. In the box Filename, Type a name for the theme, and then click Save.

By default, Windows saves the theme in the folder My Documents, but you can change the destination folder. Ready, Now you can send your custom theme by email, the network or the way you prefer for your friends.

Desktop Gadgets


The Gadgets are mini-programs that provide quick access to information and perform tasks, especially useful for tools used with certain frequency. There are gadgets to perform many different tasks, Since a slideshow, the search of contacts or display headlines updated by eed.

You can find an extensive list of gadgets This link. Com essas Tips e mudando seus temas de tempos em tempo, I promise that you won't get sick of looking at the same screen every day!

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