How to minimize Windows Live Messenger icon to the notification area (System Tray)

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If you use the Windows Live Messenger with Windows 7, You may have noticed that, Unlike previous versions of Windows, o WLM não cria um novo ícone na Área de notificações da Barra de Tarefas e mantém o botão na Taskbar para acesso fast.

But you might want to remove the icon from the taskbar and keep it only in the notification area (Sytem Tray), as before. To do this, just a little trick.

1 – Close completely the Windows Live Messenger;
2 – Click Start and type Windows Live Messenger;
3 – Right-click and select Properties;


4 – In the window that will open, Click the tab Compatibility and select the option Executar esse program em modo de compatibilidade. Choose Windows Vista, as in the image below:


This will cause the Windows Live Messenger run in compatibility mode with Windows Vista;

5 – Ready. Reopen Windows Live Messenger and see if the icon is in the area
of notification.


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