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THEPaint.Net 3.5 reached its final version and is now available for download. For those who don't know him, the Paint.Net 3.5 is a free program used for editing and manipulation of images and photographs.


Download, Click here.

The new version has many new features that you will love. In General, the performance e o uso de memória estão melhores. The installer has only 4,8 MB. Very light.

The images now open faster, principalmente em processor de apenas 1 core. The sensitivity has been increased and the renderer of effects to images responds faster.

The Paint.Net 3.5 brings three new effects:


• Blur: Surface blur
• Distortion: Bubbles
• Distortion: Crystallize

Other new features include:

• Improvements in blur effects
• Correction of several bugs
• Better image compression PDN
• The .NET Framework SP1 is required, and brings many improvements in performance
• The rendering of the image when using the zoom is better
• The performance of the initialization is about 20% best on most systems

Paint.Net e o Windows 7

The program is now ready with resources that are compatible with Windows 7 and even better, como por exemplo a ferramenta de texto e other elementos que fazem uso do Aero Glass.


The Paint.Net for Windows 7 will use DirectWrite text rendering, instead of GDI. The DirectWrite allows for better readability, adds support for a wide variety of languages and scripts, and along with the Direct2D, brings better rendering performance for Windows applications.


You'll notice that the Paint.Net 3.5 brings a few changes in your UI, to take advantage of the Aero effects present on both Windows Vista and Windows 7.

If you are looking for a great image editor, free and in Portuguese, Click here and download the Paint.Net 3.5!

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