Managing your fonts on Windows 7

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With the Windows 7, fifty new sources have been added to the system, trazendo novas opções aos users de todo o mundo, including languages not using the Latin alphabet (only for Indian languages, are 40 new sources implemented).

With an extensive number of sources, It was necessary to think of a better way so that you could manage them more efficiently.


In the image above we can check some important changes. Using the large icon view, the icon itself shows a preview of the fonts, hitting exactly with his actual appearance. Another new feature is the possibility to define a source as "hides". In this way, You can organize better so that only the fonts that you use most be visible.

Windows 7 também reconhece automaticamente as configurações do seu keyboard e por padrão deixa fontes não suportadas como “ocultas”. For example, fontes em japonês ou árabe não serão exibidas em um computer com um teclado Português-BR, and vice versa.


In the image above, with the view to "Details", We can see much more information about the sources. You can sort them by the name of the creator of the source, categories or styles (bold, italic, etc).

In summary, the new Panel of Control de Fontes is a handy, especially for professionals who work with graphic editing and have thousands of fonts installed on the PC.

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