Prevent infections in your Pen Drive with USB Write Protect

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pen-driveThese days, practically, everyone has or ever had a removable storage device, best known as Pen Drive. Like any other device considered “popular”, the crackers take advantage and create malicious software, who will use your mobile device to get even where the internet is not enough.

This tip provides present you a portable Software called USB Write Protect, that promises to block changing the files on your Pen Drive. Muito eficaz ao utilizar um Pen Drive em um computer infectado com alguns tipos de vírus, If autoproliferam.

-Para utilizar esta Ferramenta é muito simples:

1- First, Download the file ZIP containing the files needed to use the application. To do this, Click here.

2- Now that you have downloaded, extract the contents of the file into a folder on your system. The own Windows It provides the capability for extracting files ZIP, But if you are having difficulties, We suggest the use of a Software called WinRAR, that is very efficient on these occasions. To download the WinRAR, Click here. We explain below how to proceed with the extraction of the file by the WinRAR:

Open the folder where you saved the downloaded ZIP file. Right-click on this file and go to the option Extract to USB_Write_Protect.


Done it, the WinRAR will begin to unpack the file, already in a folder called USB_Write_Protect, in order to organize files.


All ready. Extracted files, now, Let's move on to step 3.

3- Open the folder that contains the extracted files and double-click on the file UsbWriteProtect.exe. The icon of the file is a “X” white inside a red ball. Don't be alarmed, It is an insecure file.


4- In this step, the tool is already open. A very simple interface, and totally uncomplicated. Para desativar a gravação/alteração nos devices que serão conectados no seu computer, simply select the option USB write protection – Active. From now on, all devices that will be connected to your computer remain unaffected, unless you re-open the tool and select the option USB write protection – Inactive. When you select an option, Click on the button Close, for it to be applied to the system.


Obs.: For more technical information about Use and compatibility, read the Readme.txt file already included in Download.

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