Open Hardware Monitor, a thermometer in your computer

29 April 2010 | In Applications | 413 views | By

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open-hardware-monitorAll of a sudden, você observa que seu computer já não tem mais aquele performance. But attention, not always is the software that is in trouble. You can format, Re-install and do it all again, But if the hardware (physical part) does not operate as it should, pointless.

Over time the pieces tend to accumulate dirt, that increases the temperature of the same, impairing its operation.

É importante estar de olho na temperatura de seu computer, especially if you keep closed for full-time. Sometimes there is a little dirt left here, or maybe a cooler stuck there… And how do you know?

Here there are the Open Hardware Monitor, a software that captures the thermal sensor information from your computer and transmits in a GUI, easy to understand. Very important, including, para quem faz overclock ou joga muitos games.

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