Avoiding output from Sleep mode when you move the Mouse

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THE Windows 7 has a number of management options energy e este foi um dos principais objetivos durante seu development, save energy to be well accepted in portable computers, as notebook and netbooks.

The mode sleep (sleep) é uma ótima forma de fazer seu computer ficar semi desligado quando não for usar o computador por algumas horas. With the sleep function (sleep), You will be able to save energy and features of your player and restart it instantly when you want.

prevenindo modo sleep

This option can be accessed by going into the Windows "start" menu and then choosing the option "Sleep" or "Sleep" on Windows in Portuguese.

prevenindo modo sleep 2

Mas esta volta do sistema pode ser feita mexendo o mouse e para quem tem mouses sensíveis, your computer may return to active for any ringtone that give him.

To prevent the Windows out of the sleep mode by any bump that in mouse, You can uncheck the option "allow this device to wake the computer" mouse property.

To do this, ante in Control Panel (Start > Control Panel) and search for "mouse" (without the quotes) and click on the option "Mouse”.

prevenindo modo sleep 3

In the window that opened up the mouse properties, Select the mouse that uses, and then click the "Properties" button.

prevenindo modo sleep 4

In the next window that opened, Click "modify settings".

prevenindo modo sleep 5

And now uncheck "allow this device to wake the computer" (Allow this device to wake the computer) and click OK.

prevenindo modo sleep 6

Ready, now to use the sleeper mode (sleep) You can move the mouse the will that the computer won't wake up. To wake up, basta apertar alguma tecla do keyboard.

We haven't done the test on other versions of Windows, but I believe that works well on Windows Vista, XP and others.

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