How to change the wallpaper of Windows 7 Starter Edition

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Unfortunately the version of Windows 7 call Starter Edition It is not possible to modify the wallpaper pattern that comes with the operating system.

But there is a program called "Starter Background Changer"where it is possible to do this feat can be inserted the background image (wallpaper) you want in your Windows 7 Starter Edition.

mudar papel parede windows 7 starter edition

Arrives to stay with the static wallpaper Microsoft, place the wallpaper you like with this program.

First we have to download the program Starter Background Changer here:

After you install the program you have in your French language installation interface, but nothing that complique, because just go clicking buttons and continue until the end.

mudar papel parede windows 7 starter edition 2

Soon after installation, left click mouse on the desktop (where can I find the wallpaper) and choose "Customize".

mudar papel parede windows 7 starter edition 3

Now in the window that opened, Click "Wallpaper"to be able to choose the wallpaper you want to put on your computer.

mudar papel parede windows 7 starter edition 4

Initially you will not see any image, but just click "Site of the image" and choose "my pictures" or "My pictures".

mudar papel parede windows 7 starter edition 5

You can also choose the image position and how much on how long it will change on your desktop.

After you choose the image and its functions, Click on the button "Validate the modification" to modify your wallpaper Windows 7 Starter Edition.

With this program you can also change the colors of the Windows, stock sounds in Windows Starter Edition and still the screen savers.

See the functions of Starter Background Changer:

  • Leave your Windows-like interface 7 or higher;
  • Change your wallpaper definitely without need to change again every time you log on to Windows 7;
  • Possibility to use images in JPG and BMP format and PNG in the future in;
  • Possibility to change your protection of the screen;
  • Access to the programme quickly, in two clicks (Right-click > Customize);
  • Possibility to choose the position of the image (in the Centre, Mosaic, stretch, filling and normal);
  • Invisible program icon in your task bar.

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