How to reduce small crashes and slowness in Windows

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This hint is to cure some problems of slowness commonplace that occur in Windows by some processes that run in the background.

Nothing more uncomfortable than see videos that are locking, play games that are slow unexpectedly or run applications who do not respond as they should, It's not even?

diminuir pequenos travamentos lentidoes windows

Be aware that this problem may be caused by programs installed by you or by Windows applications that run silently and without you knowing, but that usually serve for the proper functioning of the system.

A tip for correct these small lockups and slowness humdrum is adjust the priority with which these applications or utilities running on the system, Since virtually all processes run with Normal priority.

In Windows Task Manager 6 types of priorities:

  • Realtime (In real time)
  • High (High)
  • Above Normal (Above normal)
  • Normal
  • Below Normal (Below normal)
  • Low (Bass)

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These priorities serve to highlight applications that require greater attention and processing system. If all run at priority "Normal" the system will distribute the processing in equal value for all applications. Then this can cause momentary lockups and slowdowns when more need your open application case background utility (background) runs.

To change the priority of applications that are running on Windows, just push in keyboard the key combination: Ctrl + Shift and Esc.

This opens the Windows Task Manager where when you click on the tab "Process" (Processes), You can see all the actual processes and applications that are running at the moment.

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Including on certain versions of Windows if you click "Show processes from all users" (Show processes from all users), You can see even more processes being performed on your machine that are usually hidden because they are not of your user or operating system are essential in administrator mode.

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Now just look at which process is consuming resources of your CPU, looking at the column "CPU", that the image below is the "Cap.exe".

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And then click with the right button of the mouse in case you want and go to "Set Priority" or "Change priority", choosing a priority below Normal.

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Ready, the application will not tantalize you more stealing resources from computer. Just take care not to change the priority of the application or game that you are using and Yes only one process that is being used in the background.

But if your computer is known to slow down frequently on behalf of bloodsucking processes, There is a small utility that analyzes the processes of 140 KB in the background and automatically changes the priority as needed.

We are speaking of Process Tamer. To use, just download the site below:

And then immediately install easily. You can configure the utility to modify the priority of certain processes, You can more easily see what processes are using CPU, modify the configuration when the utility should be fired, etc.

diminuir pequenos travamentos lentidoes windows 7

To run the Process Tamer, just go to the start menu to find the utility.

diminuir pequenos travamentos lentidoes windows 8

An icon of a balance will be in the Windows toolbar, near the clock. Double-click this icon to open the program and leave the settings as the image below to get a better income:

diminuir pequenos travamentos lentidoes windows 9a

Speaking of processes in Windows, Another factor that may be making your computer slow and with "travadinhas" are Trojans and viruses in General. So it is good to spend a good anti virus also on the machine to verify that is not infected.

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