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windows steadystateO SteadyState é um programinha para quem cuida dos computers de uma lan house ou laboratório escolar. Has a reason. When is installed, ele permite que o usuário crie uma série de regras para proteger a integridade do sistema Windows. By having this characteristic, It is also suitable for those who want to protect the PC from a relative that always triggers the micro.

The software, fairly easy to use, It is divided into three categories. Nelas, the user will find the following features:

Windows disk protection -Helps protect the Windows partition, que contém o sistema operacional e other programs, against modifications without administrator approval. Windows SteadyState allows you set Windows disk protection to remove or not all changes at restart and changes on a particular date and time. If you decide to use Windows Disk protection to remove changes, any changes made by shared users will be removed when the computer is restarted.

Restrictions and user settings – Can help to enhance and simplify the user experience. Restrict user access to programs, settings, Start menu items, and options in Windows XP. You can also lock shared user accounts to prevent changes are retained from session to session.

User account manager – Create and delete user accounts. You can use Windows SteadyState to create user accounts in alternative units that will retain user data and settings even when Windows disk protection is enabled. Também é possível importar e exportar configurações de usuário de um computer para outro — economizando tempo e recursos valiosos.

Restrictions on computer – Control security settings, privacy settings, and more, How to prevent users from creating and storing folders in drive C and from opening Microsoft Office documents using Internet Explorer.

Schedule software updates – Update your shared computer with the latest software and security updates when it is convenient for you and your shared users.

Built for Vista and XP, the software also runs on Windows 7. But to do this you must add the compatibility mode (basta clicar com o botão direito do mouse em cima do executável do SteadyState e selecionar a aba Compatibilidade e, then, compatibility mode).

SteadyState is completely free – but it can only be downloaded and installed by users who have a genuine Windows on your computer.

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