How to partition a hard disk (HD) with Windows Seven

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The greatest tragedy in the life of a beginner, is when it receives the diagnosis: "no way, We'll have to format ". Many people have lost everything they had stored on the hard drive because of the negligence of some computer technicians.

If you not have a friend, family or even a trusted store, I recommend that you learn to do the formatting not to run more risks.

It is in the hard disk or HD (of hard disk) that are stored all data: operating system, applications, files and etc.. Most pcs come with the operating system installed on the hard disk partition C. Quando formatamos o HD para reinstalar o Windows, all data is erased.

disco rigido Hard disk or hard disk, in Brazil, also popularly called HD (derivation of the HDD English hard disk drive) or winchester (term of use), “mass memory” or even of “secondary memory” is the part of the computer where data are stored. The hard drive is a nonvolatile memory, i.e., as informações não são perdidas quando o computer é desligado, being considered the primary means of mass data storage. Source:Wikipedia

There are a few ways to protect this data. We can use a second hard drive or even an external HD and use them only to save separate files of the operating system; or else, We can create other logical partitions within a single HD. The first two options are safer, but cost more expensive ($$$) and the last is free, But if the HD burn, lost everything in the same way.

I chose to keep 3 partitions on a single HD – one for Windows and applications, and the other two for files, such as documents, music, program installers, photos and etc. So, all that time I need to format the pc and reinstall the operating system, I do not lose my files. As insurance died of old, I also have a external HD where do periodic backups.

How to partition the HD in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Click the icon my computer with the right button of the mouse and choose manage. In the next window, look for managing disks. Find the partition C, Click with the right mouse button and choose decrease volume.

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On the screen that will open, type the value of its partition in MB, in the field space decreasing. Windows will split the disk and shows a disk space unallocated. Now let's create a new logical partition. Right-click on unallocated space and choose new simple volume. Click next. Select assign the following drive letter and choose one of the available letters ( (D), for example)

Choose now the file system (NTFS) and the size of the unit. Provide a name for the new partition and perform a quick format. Click Finish. Here's your new partition.


Transfer to the new partition all the files that were saved in the partition C, except the Windows files and program files. Usually, These data are in the folder Users. To find the folder, click my computer> Disk C.

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