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mulher computadorBefore anything else, quero esclarecer que se você usa seu computer como um mero passatempo, a toy almost, the best that you have to make is to not read this article without losing your valuable time in reading.

But if you have on your computer an ally in your work or in any activity that can be considered as SERIOUS, I'm sure there'll be a lot useful for you in what I write below.

1th Tip: Don't be afraid to use the most up-to-date version of Windows that your equipment can withstand. You will suffer at the beginning, will catch, but after the safety and economy of operation time will reward you well. Assume that Microsoft wasn't going to spend billions of dollars to do a product worse than its previous version. Until today, among all the people I know, the biggest reason not to make an up-grade is laziness to learn new.

resolucao monitor2th Tip: Use sempre a maior resolução de tela que seu Monitor e a respectiva Placa de Vídeo permitirem. The higher resolution, largest area of work, you will have a worksheet, in a text editor, or a graphics program. This will save you the work of getting rolling the window up and down, to be able to see what you want.

Send make a pair of glasses for near full lens, use it always, because this will prevent you from having to throw his head back to look at the base of the lens, What in a few minutes you will cause a backache. In a short time you get used to working with the resolution of 1024 X 768, most modern monitors accept.

3th Tip: The Menu “Start” gives you a relatively fast access to all installed programs on your computer. So, take it to the desktop (Desktop) and to the Quick Launch bar (Quick Launch) only shortcuts of the programs or links that you use all the time, several times a day. If you want to drag and drop any file to open it with a certain program, place it on your desktop. For example: Media Player, Sound recorder, Winzip, Printer and Notepad. If you will first load the program and then open a file within it, then put on the Quick Launch bar.

Put on only one of the two locations, avoiding unnecessary duplication. For example: Access to Internet Provider, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, Link to the website of your bank, Sound control, Photo Editor, Controle da WebCam, CD burning program, Access to MSN and ICQ, etc. should be on the quick launch.

windows explorer4th Tip: Your eyes, ears, smell, tato, palate in Windows you can do with Windows Explorer. Learn how to use it with all their resources and keep it loaded since that starts its work session, up close it. Minimize the only, When it is unused, but not close. If you don't know how to use Windows Explorer, or don't like, is failing to use at least 70% of the features of your microwave.

The longer you lose to well organize the directory trees of its HD ’ s more time will win in time to access and find files and programs, in their day to day. Above all, avoid duplicates or directories that later leave you in doubt about which one should be safe this or that file.

5th Tip: Whenever you can, before shutting down your micro, Let your Outlook Express RESET. I.e., without any messages on it. An Outlook full of messages, is the heaviest burden a CPU processor and RAM require load on operating a micro. To receive a new batch of emails, take a look around the surface set.

Delete just non-interest. Then, read the ones that interest you, But if you do not intend to not respond or forward, apague. Answer or forward then those who deserve such Providence. But if you do not intend to keep, apague. Undeletew resist the temptation to galhardamente leave some for later, in the drafts folder in Outlook. What do you want to save, whether or not responded or sent back, Save on your HD, in a coherent and organized, and then delete. Ready: his Outlook is clean, and their consciousness of Internet users, more still.

carta email6th Tip: If you have a large list of e-mail correspondents, It is interesting to bring them together in groups with similar characteristics; for example: Co-workers, Relatives, Friends of the Club, College mates, etc. This will save you the time of entering the recipients of their e-mals one by one.

7th Tip: Most Internet users do not have broadband system and will take a lot of time downloading emails with hundreds of kilobytes. The maximum size for an email, including its annexes, background sound, etc, should be less than 200 kilobytes. Just create or forward emails greater if really is something worth. Assim você evitará o risco de ser bloqueado nos computers dos seus amigos.

8th Tip: On the Internet the language, the themes and images are mostly very free. Always check for who is sending certain materials and will not cause embarrassment or setbacks who will receive.

9th Tip: Beware of virus, but don't become psychotic nor a hypochondriac with that. And even use programs being second guessed all that circulates through your computer. These programs interrupt at any moment and micro processing is too slow.

A great and efficient program that I have used and has given me the most absolute coverage, including against infected e-mail is AVG, Free version, which can be downloaded at:

mouse10th Tip: THE Mouse é um dispositivo maravilhoso, saves time and complexity so remarkable. BUT… On the other hand, its inadvertent use, i.e. a clicked the Mouse, with your pointer on the screen in the wrong place, can cause incalculable disorders, such as for example, hide the ADDRESS BOOK in Outlook, What is one of the easiest things and frequent to happen. Luckily also easy to fix.

So, If you're still inexperienced, use the Mouse with a lot of attention and care.

11th Tip: The first action to take when any program or any micro submit behaves erratically, before you despair or call technical assistance is boot on the computer, i.e., restart it, preferably through the Start Menu. But in the event of a total locking, the way is to use the Office button. In 90 % of cases, the problem will disappear.

12th Tip: Never use a screensaver (screen saver) because it is a program with which you will have to be shared the capabilities of micro under multitasking. Impressions, recording sessions of ’ CD s etc, will be slower. Use as a screen saver option: No. In this case, When the monitor delete within the prescribed time limit, be just a black screen ugly, However functional.

Final Comment: Don't expect miracles from your microwave. It improves what's good and what's bad gets worse. If you're organized, efficient and businesslike, with your micro will be even more. But on the other hand, the life of bagunceiro is going to get more garbage, from the moment that it computerize.

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

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