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delete cookies networkAmong other things, cookies are used by websites, primarily to identify and store information about visitors. They are small text files that are written to the computer of the Internet and can be retrieved by the site that sent it during navigation.

All stored cookies have an expiration date and are deleted after it (theoretically). The elimination before maturity can be made manually by the user, However the store — and consequently the removal — is different in each browser.

To remove Internet Explorer cookies, just enter in tools, Internet Options, General and click Delete files. Removing temporary files implies the removal of cookies also.

This technology works as follows: the server of a website, before sending the information about a page you visit, sends to the browser a collection of information which we call “header”. It is precisely there that the information and the request to store the cookie are sent.

There are two security-related points of concern to users in relation to cookies. The more critical issue is related to browsers that support the technology, but contain security flaws that can be exploited by malicious programmers.

The second point refers to the fact the cookies being transported across the web with no encryption, which leaves the information exposed on the network.

Although many say the opposite, cookies do not pose a great danger to the Privacy of Internet users. O máximo que um site de comércio e-mail pode fazer é manter um perfil do visitante e, during navigation, display the most appropriate products and services, Although this technique is not the usual.

There are other more efficient ways, interesting and productive in order to achieve this goal without relying on cookies.

Even so, for readers more wary and ressabiados, It is worth remembering that current browsers have configuration options to accept or block the recording of a cookie.

To control this option in Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu, Click Internet options and select the Security tab. There exists the custom level button, that will allow you to enable or disable cookies, or will the browser ask for your permission to accept these files.

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