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favoritosAdding a site to the browser's Favorites:

The most popular option is to go in the menu “Favorites” and click “Add to Favorites”. But there is an option a little faster: shortcut keys.

Press Ctrl F to add to the Internet Explorer Favorites
Press Ctrl D to add to Favorites from Mozilla Firefox

Other option seems to be even faster. Just click on the tab of the site that is being previewed, and drag to where are favourites.

Organizing bookmarks in browsers:
Both Firefox and IE organize your bookmarks by folders, Click the menu “Favorites” and in “Organize Favorites” to have a control over all of your sites that you like. .

Favorites bar:
Both offer the Favorites bar, that sits just below the menus and main buttons. There u can put the sites that you visit more often for quick access. Or even put the folders for viewing. This option makes it much easier to my life, Since access some pages every day.

The new versions of browsers and IE provide the Fifefox of tabbed browsing option. Formerly made just for Windows. With tabs to saves time and memory RAM. Now you can visit multiple sites in the same window. The life of the browser and is greatly facilitated with the blogger tabs, Since we open multiple pages simultaneously.

Saving Favorites:
When you save a bookmark, He stays on your machine. But for around. If something happens and you have to format the PC, the data will be lost (unless you make a backup).

There are several ways to save their favorite internet addresses:

  1. Saving files directlyIn Firefox, favourites are usually located in “(C):Documents and SettingsSEUNOMEDados de ApplicationsMozillaFirefoxProfiles” where the “YOURNAME” é o nome de seu computer, It can also be as an administrator. Inside this folder there's a file called “bookmarks.html” and that is the single file where are all your bookmarks from Firefox. Already in Internet Explorer, the Favorites are located in the start menu for easy shortcut. They are usually stored in “(C):Documents and SettingsSEUNOMEFavoritos” and each favorite is a file. To facilitate, You can compress all the files in a zip file. Dadas as Tips para os dois navegadores, Now you decide what to do with the files. You can send them to the floppy/flash drive, burn to CD/DVD, etc. Now you can format the hard disk without worrying about the possible loss of tens or hundreds of favorite sites.
  2. Exporting bookmarksIt's a way easier than the above item. Here you can forget the folder “Documents And Settings” above. In IE, go in the menu file / Import and export, and select “Export Bookmarks”. Choose the destination of the files. In Firefox, go in the Favorites menu / Organize Favorites. Will open a window in which you have total control over your Favorites and their respective folders. On the file menu of the new window has the option Export. Click on it and save the file “bookmarks.html” where you want. In this file are all their favorites. Now it's just you decide what to do with the files. You can send them to the floppy, pen drive, burn to CD/DVD, go to another hard drive etc.
  3. Sending to an e-mail server/hostingIt is an advantageous way to those who access the sites stored on more than one computer. In A Nutshell, You can do the item 1 or 2 above and send to wherever you want. Can be for your own e-mail (you send and receive in your email even) or send it to a file-hosting server, as the 4shared, Rapidshare, Easy-Share, DepositFiles etc. With your login and password can access your files from any machine with Internet access.
  4. Adding your Favorites on Googlewho have an account on Google has several free services it offers, among them the “Search history“. Everything that you type in the search field of Google is recorded on your account, Since you have checked this option in the settings and you're logged in when doing the research. If you find a cool site u can add in Google Favorites. There you can mark favorites with stars, set bookmarks and view statistics. The big downside is that (for the time being) you have to add favourites one by one on Google Bookmarks. And the great advantage is to have access to your favorite sites from any computer privately.
  5. Adding your Favorites on Yahoo – For those who have Yahoo account and are logged in, to access the links from any PC. A good option is to import favorites that you have saved in file in “Import Bookmarks”. The site is
  6. Adding your Favorites in the eraEssa é uma opção se vc deseja transform seus favoritos em links públicos. Good choice if you have a blog or website and want an extra disclosure. The site is There is the option to private links. In Portuguese.
  7. Adding your bookmarks on delicious – This is a popular option if you want to make your Favorites public links. In English. Good option for those who want to share favorites with friends. The site still offers services of tags (keywords), wish list, botões em other sites, buttons in browsers, etc. The site is (More Information)
  8. Adding your Favorites on other sites - see the list.
  9. Importing Favorites – After making the backup of bookmarks, the time has come to put them back in place. This part is the easiest. In IE, go in the menu file / Import and export, and select “Import Favorites”. Then select the path where you saved favourites and ready. The same goes for the Firefox browser, on the file menu / Import / Favorites or even open the Organize Favorites window in the Favorites menu.

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