List with 15 mission-critical applications for Windows

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softwares essenciaisFor an operating system to work with their full potential, é necessário o uso de other softwares, também chamados de programas ou applications.

There are applications freewares (free), the trials (free just for testing) and those of open source (which are also free of charge).

E quais aplicativos devemos instalar em nosso computer? Well, This will depend on the needs of each user, but there are some applications that can not miss on any machine, such as antivirus, pdf reader, browsers and etc.

So, I made a list with some essential programs. All free.

You can download them straight from the developer site, by clicking on the corresponding link or on national websites.  The advantage of downloading in Brazilian sites is that the description is in Portuguese. Meet the The Internet * and the Superdownloads.

There are also applications that work online (or in the cloud, using a technical jargon) and that eliminate the installation.

Antivirus Avast Antivirus
Anti-malware Malwarebyte
PDF reader Adobe Reader
Decompressor WinRAR
System cleaning CCleaner
Burning CDs/DVDs Nero Lite
Media files converter Fatory Formact
Browsers Firefox or Chrome
Codec Pack K-lite mega codec pack full
Instant Messages Windows Live Messenger
Voice messages Skype
Editor for blogs Windows Live Writer
Editing images Pixlr (online) or Photoshop
Text editing Open or Microsoft Office
Mail client Mozilla Thunderbird

Alguns funcionam em Linux e todos funcionam nas versões mais recentes do Windows.

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