Inazuma Eleven Go – A new season of Inazuma Eleven (Super Eleven)

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This morning the ANM TV announced that Japan and TV producer Level 5 released yesterday the anime Inazuma Eleven Go, o anime Inazuma Eleven já conta com uma legião de fãs e agora lança uma nova version the anime.

Izuma Eleven Go

Inazuma Eleven Go

Production of the new season of the anime will bring some modifications, but nothing too big, just a few modifications in the scenarios (of course) and new characters. The premiere is scheduled for 4 may in Japan.

The story has a player named Mark Evans, He is the captain and goalkeeper of the team from your school. While it is very good, your team doesn't seem to be very interested in playing. Mas quando aparece um misterioso jogador o time begins a melhorar e Mark procura novos membros para a equipe.

O anime começou como um game para Nintendo DS, It was a game which mixed RPG with sport. A little later they created the anime did not only success in Japan, mas também hits vários other countries, one of them is the Brazil, the anime aired on network Tv.

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