First teaser for the film K-ON is already available!

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Chega de esperar o first teaser do filme do anime K-ON! Ele foi divulgado na página official the anime.

Comparação do K ON Filme (cima) e anime (baixo)

Comparison of K ON Film (top) and anime (Bass)

The film is based on the series, the plot revolves around the musical group, and their colleagues have formed the school, but the characters have a personality more adult, i.e., the long is continuing the series. The characters have the same original voices of anime.

The film will be premiered day 3 de dezembro no Japan in more than 130 salas.

Check Out o Teaser:

Is a great continuation of the anime, I really enjoyed what I saw in the teaser, Hopefully the movie will not disappoint you, Let's wait to see the long exit.

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