Creating a function in PHP

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This tip will teach you to create a simple function in PHP and how to use it. É necessário conhecimento básico de como works o sistema de variáveis do PHP e noções de HTML.

The function

Function, as the name says, executes a function in your script or system. The benefit of the function is the dynamic code is written only once and can be executed as many times as needed.

Simple function example

function dicasemgeral($url,$titulo,$destino){
$link = '<a href="'.$url.'" target="'.$destino.'">'.$titulo.'</a>';
echo $link;

The function can be executed in any line of PHP as follows:

dicasemgeral('','Clique aqui e acesse o Dicas em Geral!','_blank');

The example above returns the following:

<a href="" target="_blank">Clique aqui e acesse o Dicas em Geral!</a>

The function does not restrict the create links from variables. You can use it to do something even more dynamic. Instead of repeating lines and lines of code, consider using the functions. Você vai dar uma aliviada no seu Server e ainda descomplicará seu project!

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