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Is starting now with PHP and want to know how the language works and/or how it can help you? Check out some questions and answers below will help you.

1. What is the PHP?

PHP is a Scripting language. It has this name because the PHP code is interpreted and not compiled. This means that, rather than other < languages like C, your code is compiled, e depois executado como um program normal, PHP always needs a “parser” to interpret your code.

2. What is it for?

The main function of PHP (and the best, Since it was for this role that this language was implemented) é a de development de conteúdos web. I.e., use PHP to create dynamic pages and automatic.

3. What is a dynamic page?

"A dynamic page, toda a página que é gerada quando existe um pedido no Server. I.e., the page that gets to you there “writing” on the server. There are Yes the contents, that will then be placed in respective locations, on page, Depending on the applications. The best example of a dynamic Web site, é um motor de Search. It is impossible to (and unthinkable) store any combination of pages that come up, When we do several searches. This means, which pages do not exist and are “generated” with information in databases, When we make a request about anything.

4. Então como works o PHP para automatizar uma página?

It is very simple if you think mos in this mode: Everything that comes out of the PHP code (output), is HTML. So it's critical to have HTML knowledge to know how to do what we want. A simple schema, We can have any
type thing:

PHP-> Web Server-> -Interpreter> HTML-> User <br><br>

Just understand this simple schema and already begins to realize the philosophy of PHP!

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