In the time format, What is the best way to back up?

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alerta virusHas no escape: one time or another your computer You will be on hand. It may be a virus (or hundreds, thousands!), a program that didn't work right and damaged your system, an unsuccessful Setup, a driver conflict and many other different situations.

The definitive solution to all this is, without doubt, the formatting. Ok, If you are an experienced user will already have your installation disc stored in a corner, ready for use. If you are not, already have the computer technician phone anotadinho there in phonebook.

But what about the information that is in your computer, How to backup (Save) so total and uncomplicated? Well, This can be a little tricky to answer (for some). But the Group Tips in General have chosen a little program very interesting for you to be using these times, called Cobian Backup. You may even have heard much talk of this program, But if we have not stopped to evaluate how this really “boy” works, in this tip you will know everything you need to get out rescuing all of your data before they tell you “Goodbye”. C'mon.

First of all, Let's do the Download of the software. Click here and save the installer to your computer, or simply run it. Finished downloading, You will run the installer. This first screen select our standard language PORTUGUES-BR and click Next.

como fazer backup cobian 1

Accept the terms of appointment (If you have extra time and know English, read before) and click Next.

como fazer backup cobian 2

This next screen uncheck Install the Volume Shadow Copy service, because we'll make up just some folders and entire hard disk not. Click Next.

como fazer backup cobian 3

Now, in Installation types, Select only the first option and click Next.

como fazer backup cobian 4

What you see is just a confirmation. If you have wrong the previous settings, might be going back and correcting, or simply click Next to start the installation immediately.

como fazer backup cobian 5

After copying all files the program will be installed and ready to use. Just click on Done the installer will close.

como fazer backup cobian 6

Now that the program is already installed, Let's run it. A small icon will appear next to the standard clock Windows na barra de tarefas, in the corner of the screen. Right-click on this icon and, then, Click Open.

como fazer backup cobian 7

With the open program, Click the menu List , and then click New List. This will create the list for information about which we will save it and where we will save.

como fazer backup cobian 8

In the field Name, type the name for your list (can be any name, example: My Backup) and click the button Save.

como fazer backup cobian 9

Now that your list is created we will at your settings. First of all we should create a task, indicating the program what it should do, where to find the files to save, What to do with them and where to save them. The program will not guess alone, It's not even? Then we create a new task. Click the menu Task , and then click New Task.

como fazer backup cobian 10

Now we will fill several information. We'll start by the aba General (the tabs are on the left side of the window). The first step is to insert the name of the task. May be something like “My Backup” or any name that you want to. Uncheck Using Volume Shadow Copy.

como fazer backup cobian 11

Now we will pass to the tab Files. In this we have two important parts: on top, Origin (where the program will find the files to save) and, below, Destination (where the program will save the backup). It is very important to properly configure these two parts, Since any error can be crucial, committing your entire backup. In our example we will add only the folder Documents, Windows itself. Then at the Origin just click on the button Add > Directory.

como fazer backup cobian 12

We Selected, now, the folder you want to save. In our case, the Documents. Then just browse, find and click the button Ok.

como fazer backup cobian 13

In Destination, We must select the folder in which to store our backup. To do this, Click on the button Add > Directory.

como fazer backup cobian 14

I created a folder called Backup in another hard disk partition. You can also do this, as you can also save on a Pen Drive, for example. Simply create a folder inside the drive and select it. Remember that a good backup can occupy space. Then, have a nice free space on destination drive.

como fazer backup cobian 15

In the tab Schedule, We will set up if the backup will start automatically or manually. In our case will be picking the option Only time, But if you want to stop the scheduled backup to begin automatically, is its criterion.

como fazer backup cobian 16

Let's up the tab Compressed File. In this session we can set the information for the backup file. I suggest, in Compression type, Select the option Zip Compression, Since this format is very compatible with various compression programs (WinRAR, for example). This way is very easy to restore backup. You can also split up into parts. In From options, simply select and configure to your liking.

como fazer backup cobian 17

We arrived at the aba Exclusions. This serves, for example, for you to remove a folder or file within the(s) folderss) you have chosen to back up. In our case we will not use exclusions, But if you want to, is its criterion.

como fazer backup cobian 18

In Events, We can select which automated tasks will be performed before or after the backup. For example, Suppose that you want to close the MSN Messenger before the backup start. Just add the task, in part Pre-backup event, by clicking on the button Add > Quit Program.

como fazer backup cobian 19

You will enter the name of the program to which the Cobian Backup search it in your computer and close it, automatically for you. Remembering that this feature is not restricted solely to a program. You can select any program that it will close automatically for you.

como fazer backup cobian 20

Now, in Advanced, We will define the last settings. I suggest leave as is already preconfigured. But if you feel the need to change something, feel free. Done that click Ok.

como fazer backup cobian 21

Your backup task is already configured. We can see it on the left side of the main window of the program.

como fazer backup cobian 22

Clicking on your task, You can be viewing in the right pane all the information that you have defined.

como fazer backup cobian 23

Then, Finally, It's time to perform this task and start back up, It's not even? Click the menu Task and in Perform all tasks NOW!.

como fazer backup cobian 24

The program will ask you if you really want to start. This “question” you have the option of Shut down the computer. This is useful, for example, If you will leave the backup continues a dawn. When you have finished, the computer automatically shuts down, saving electricity. If this is your case, Select the option and click Ok. Otherwise, just click Ok to start backup.

como fazer backup cobian 25

Started up, You can follow the event log and the progress bars in the window of the program itself.

como fazer backup cobian 26

As soon as you finish, You can track there by status bar program (footer) the quantity of processed files and the final size.

como fazer backup cobian 27

It is interesting to open the folder where you have configured to save the backup and check the file, If everything is Ok.

como fazer backup cobian 28

If you want to do a test with the file by opening with a compression program (WinRAR, for example), It is also very interesting, since if there are any errors you see and can fix up.

como fazer backup cobian 29

In our case, as everything is Ok, We can close the window and save the backup to, in the near future, be restoring it. To restore, just extract by WinRAR (download) to their proper locations.

This method presented here represents only one of several ways in which you may be performing the backup of the information from your computer. THE Cobian Backup is a great choice, Once its use is simplified and does not require as much technical knowledge.

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