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Every user of Twitter, When will customize your profile if faced with that old problem of alignment of Images. By default, Twitter aligns the images to the left and, Depending on the resolution of monitor, its background looks great or lousy.

Imagine if Twitter allow page Centre alignment? You would make a plan in a pattern that would work with all resolutions. It's clear that Twitter hasn't thought about it (or thought?) and not made such a resource. But the Group Tips in General has a small solution to this.

Let's show an example:

Open our profile on Twitter: @ dgnews.

We have created a special fund and apply the profile to the test. It may be that it is very strange at first glance, but then you'll see the difference ;)

fundo centralizado twitter 1

Well, from now on you will show a definitive solution to fix this problem. This same. Don't mean business expenses and, as promised, We will present the exclusive first tutorial to teach the trick. Let s go ’.

But attention: so far, only works in the browser Mozilla Firefox. Therefore, If you do not already have it installed, Click here and download it for free.

One of the very cool features of Firefox is the possibility to install Addons, i.e., plugins that make the browser even more powerful. And cool is that Mozilla itself (who develops the browser) has an online repository with millions of extensions. We will use one for this tip, called FoxReplace Version History. Click here to access the download page. Once the page loads, Click the green button named Add to Firefox.

imagem centro twitter 1

By security measures, Firefox does not automatically install extensions. Then, You will see a yellow bar at the top of the page. Click on the button Allow.

imagem centro twitter 2

Again, Firefox does not automatically install the extension. But this did appear a small window, with brief information about the add-on. Wait for four seconds and click the button Install Now.

imagem centro twitter 3

Wait until your computer download and install the extension. Depending on your Internet connection and network load, the process may take a few minutes. Please, be patient. If you appear some error, Repeat the procedures described above.

imagem centro twitter 4

For the add-on will work, You must restart the browser. To do this, Click on the button Restart Firefox the browser automatically closes and opens.

imagem centro twitter 5

As soon as the browser is started, a small window will appear in the upper-left corner of the screen, indicating the Add-ons you have installed and also that were installed new Add-ons. But, as our goal is to use the FoxReplace Version History, find it in the list, Click on its title (in bold) and click the button Options.

imagem centro twitter 6

A window will open. In this window, We will configure the add-on options, indicating how it will work for us.

imagem centro twitter 7

The first step is to select the option Update from URL, for caring about the preferences of a Group of servers Tips in General (via a URL), and fill in the fields with the following information:


Period (minutes): 1440

Marque (Select) also the options Replace automatically on page load and Address override (links and image sources) and click the button Close.

imagem centro twitter 8

Before, you opened our profile on Twitter and appeared so:

imagem centro twitter 9

Now, When you open, appears this way:

imagem centro twitter 10

This solves completely that old problem of misaligned images. Exemplificamos up our profile on Twitter, but the tip will work with all of the profiles that you open. But attention, It just works perfectly with great backgrounds, greater than or equal to 1280 pixels wide. However, If you have a background in these dimensions, can be sure that any person on any computer will see him with a style much better, just as there are thousands of profiles on Twitter using beautiful funds and which were designed to be displayed with this pattern created by General Tips.

Remember to recommend the tip to your friends, clients and family, so they also can show the centralized and backgrounds, course, enhance this social network which is part of the life of (almost) all of us.

Soon we will be adapting the tip to other Web browsers. Follow daily Tips in General, soon we will be releasing the news.

ATENÇÃO: Se após o procedimento acima você não estiver conseguindo enviar novos Tweets pela Home Principal do Twitter, siga o passo-a-passo descrito abaixo.

We are still working to develop the best technique of trying to pass over the grave mistake Twitter to align the left backgrounds. However, as our tip is in the testing phase, You might experience minor errors. One of the small errors encountered so far is that, to access the Main Home of Twitter, users are not able to send messages.

To circumvent the situation, Click the menu Tools > FoxReplace Version History > Replace automatically when loading the page. This will disable the plugin functions used to direct routes to the Twitter background, and you can send your messages normally.

Or, If you prefer, You can choose by the tool TweetDeck and send your tweets from it. There are other tools that help you too “Tweet”. Until we can work and improve our system, could be an excellent opportunity for you to meet other online tools that will make your social networking experience even better.

Keep an eye that, This week, We will post several tips on Twitter! ;)

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