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TorrentFor you which is a layman in computing and want a way to perform downloads on the internet with over safety you present the TORRENT.

Its usage is a bit different from the well-known P2P (as Ares), so I'll teach them to use it.

First step

You must use a program to perform downloads, recommend µTorrent, a lightweight and easy to handle. Click here to perform the download of µTorrent.

Second step


In this primeita screen click "Next" (Next)

uTorrent 01

"Next"   again

uTorrent 02

Now click on "I Agree" (I accept)

uTorrent 03

Now let the Program Location, that is where the program will be installed, How are you. The bottom leaves the box "Create Start menu entry" If you want to create an icon for µTorrent in your Start menu, "Create Quick Launch icon" If you want an icon is created on your toolbar and Create " Desktop icon "If you want to create an icon on your desktop.

uTorrent 04

On the next screen leave the two selected boxes as shown below and click "Next".

uTorrent 05

This screen uncheck the "Yes, I'd love to check out this free download "and click Next.

uTorrent 06

Now on this screen, I recommend unchecking the box "I accept the License Agreement and Privacy Policy and want to install the µTorrent Browser". Then click on Install.

uTorrent 07

Second step

After installation you will be presented with a screen that proxima who are seeing the low. In this window recommend leave as is in the image, with the "Current Port: (0:random)"with the door 4992, then click "Run tests" and after scanning click "Save & Close " (Save and close).

uTorrent 08

Now right-click on the area shown in the image below (where there is a D:) and select "Unlimited" (without limits), so that the download is performed with the maximum speed of your internet.

uTorrent 09

And in another area (where there is a U:) If your internet has been slow at the time of download, also click with the right button and select a lower upload speed.

uTorrent 10

Second step

Now comes the most awaited, download. Go to a website to download the torrent file so we can perform our download. Recommend the ThePirateBay.

In the image below you can see a layout of ThePirateBay, where you can perform your search of some file/music/film… to download. Type the name that you want, and then click Pirate Search.

uTorrent 11

As you can see, There will be a list of files, I recommend that you click on where is marked in the image, to be sorted by number of seeds (number of people with this same file, where you will realize the donwload).

uTorrent 12

After selecting the file click where is the number 1 in the image below, for you to preview the files that will download, in number 2 to perform the download.

uTorrent 13

At the end of the page there are comments, I recommend to read, for greater security.

uTorrent 14

After the download double-click lowered, so that it runs in µTorrent. If you do not run automatically with the µTorrent right-click on top of the file and go to "Open with"(Open with) and select the µTorrent.

uTorrent 16

Shortly after opens the µTorrent. As can be seen in the image below. In this window you select the files you want them to be lowered and where it needs to be saved.

uTorrent 17

Now just click Ok and wait for the download to be completed.

uTorrent 18

I hope I have helped. Good luck!

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