How to translate games and applications on Symbian (.sis and sisx.)

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About the Tutorial:

In this tutorial I will explain how you can translate Games and/or applications Symbian (Applications with the extension .SIS or .sisx). A tutorial very well explained (with images) for you to learn to translate programs or games for mobile phones that support Symbian.

Files Needed:

For this tutorial we will use the following programs:
* SisContents – Extracts, Edit and sign sis or sisx applications..
* Symbian RSC Editor – Serves to translate the texts extracted the sis or sisx files.


Part 1 – 1º Step:
Open the SisContents.

2º Step:
Click on the button “Open” – to open a application:


3º Step:

Select the file you want to translate (must have extension .SIS or .sisx):


4º Step:
Click Extract files – Then open a folder with the extracted files:


5º Step:
The resource folder is where we have the files to translate. (It is usually“resource/apps/).
Double-click on the folder resource.



Part 2 – 1º Step:
Now open the Symbian RSC Editor


2º Step:
Click File-> Open Resource Symbian OS to open a file for editing.

Go to the folder Resource-> apps and select the text to translate (as I spoke, usually are. r01 or rsc. – test and find out)


3º Step:

On the left will appear multiple texts, appointed by “Strings”, in order of increasing numbers. Side with them there are colors, which I'll explain shortly thereafter. Most of the program is the Hexadecimal view. If you are a lay in it (in Hexadecimal codes), you do not need to use it. Below the Hexadecimal View has the translated text to Hexadecimal to text characters known,and it is there that you will translate.

About colors:
Reds - Contains text files that can be translated
Blue - There are no files to be translated (or has nothing or has settings,or something like).


4º Step:
To start translating, simply double-click on the desired text. You will see the following screen:


Now opened a window. It shows the original text, in Original Resources; the text you are translating, in Modify Resources.
Is that you will Modify Resources put the translated text / translate time.

Absolutty: Saves the text changes (of translation) and closes the window. I simply Enter prefio press to get faster.
Close: Closes the window and does not save changes.
Per hour, just need to know this. Now hands dough to translate everything!


5º Step:

Now, after translating the entire application, ClickFile-> Save Resource Symbian OS. Now we go to the last step of the tutorial, compile everything again (easiest part).

Part 3 – 1º Step (Compiling…):
Now we just need to compile, to do this, reopen the program SisContents . If you haven't opened, Open the sis. (or .sisx) the application that you were translating (the original). After you click Tools-> Edit Package:

This message will appear – Click Ok (He will lose the subscription – nothing more):

2º Step:
1º – Click the button indicated, It stands beside the image with a “I” – What we want is called “Contents/Contents”
2º – Browse to the path and file name that you translated (for example: …resourceapp??????.r01)
3º – Click the top of the file, and then click “Edit” . Opens a new window.
4º – Click on the button “Update…” – Select the file that you have translated (the name is different because some screen I did and other I caught from the Internet):

Once you locate it, Click “Open” , and then click “Ok“.

FINALLY! Now click “Exit” and when you see a message click “Yes” (to save the translation).


Name the file the way you want:



Now with the application translated already saved, It will work (usually) normally. If you have any questions, suggestion or comment can post to the bass.

Even more, Fernando Paladini – If you copy, place the author's name.

I'm a lover of technology and computers in General. Love the programming area and games. I like to tweak your computer and discover new things.

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