How to solve the problem of error connecting via wireless

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You finish setting up the Wireless router mode “easy” and, all of a sudden, your computer or mobile device simply refuses to connect. What to do in this case? You can't just point a solution. Several factors can interfere. But, This tip, I'll give you some practices that could solve their problems of no-nonsense approach.

As, usually, This error occurs in the operating system Windows Let's list some solutions regarding settings directly on it.

Add the network manually

Open the menu Start and click Panel of Control > Network and Internet > Network and sharing Center. Click now on Manage wireless networks.

central rede compartilhamento

In this case we have to manually configure the connection. So the first step is to click the button Add.

adicionar rede wireless 1

Click, now, in Manually create a network profile.

adicionar rede wireless 2

The third and final step is to insert the information pertaining to your wireless network.

adicionar rede wireless 3

Ok, you are logged in “nail” What, Maybe, Windows was unable to do alone. But it's another note.

Configuration on the router

Find the IP of your router (usually or and access it by its browser.

Wireless Configuration panel choose always mixed modes, as for example b/g or b/g/n. This ensures that will be compatible with the different types of network adapters.

Another important detail is the channel. The pattern of routers is the channel 6. But, If there are too many connections with the same channel interference level is too large. So choose some other number, for example 1 or 11. Make, also, a scan available networks and see the each channel. This helps you choose a channel less used.

But don't forget: When configuring the router restart it for the changes will be used.

Windows XP

Windows XP, up to SP2, does not recognize the WPA2 encryption method. The system simply ignores this method. So you won't be able to decrypt the password to access your Wireless network, If this person is protected in this method.

A solution to this problem, first, you install the update identified as KB893357. Or, If you prefer, upgrade to SP3.

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