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Recently, the Automattic acquired the company text correction After The Deadline, e com isto uma nova função foi lançada para users the platform.

Para quem já usa o service the WordPress.with text correction option is already running, But if you have the platform of the WordPress instalada em um Server próprio pode optar pela instalação de um plugin que já está disponível neste address.

The plugin is very simple to use, just activate it and register on the website of the system to insert an activation key (everything is free), After made the activation just create a new post that the button ABC I will be available to correct your text of any possible error.


Another very interesting feature of the plugin is that in your settings you can adjust it to warn you when you use the text jargon, cliches, redundant phrases etc. Another function is to ask it to ignore certain words so that it does not bother you at the time you make the text verification.


The only downside is that partial plugin not found a version for Portuguese of Brazil, However already to get a sense of some words that might be wrong in the text, If you want to, You can also follow this tutorial Another method developed by the staff of the Geek42 How to create a translator for your WordPress (OBS.: has not been tested by our team).

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