Creating a computer circuit using Photoshop filters

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circuito computadorDescription: Today we will see how to create an effect Abstract reminiscent of a circuit computer using filters, blend modes and some other Photoshop features.

01. Press Ctrl N to create a new document, set the values of 500×500 pixels, 72 dpi's, RGB color mode and transparent background, press Ok, Press the letter D keyboard to reset the colors of Foreground and Background to white pretoe, go Filter> Render> Clouds , and then click Filter> Blur> Motion Blur, set the value of Angle in 0º and Distance in 999 pixels, go Filter> Stylize> Find Eges, Press Ctrl J to duplicate the layer, go Edit> Transform> Rotate 90º CW, change the blend mode of the layer to Darken, Press Ctrl E to merge the layer, go Filter> Stylize> Glowing Edges and set the value of 1 pixels to Edge Width, 20 pixels to Edge Brightness and 3 pixels to Smoothness.

circuito computador 1

02. Now go on Image> Adjustments> Brightness/Contrast and set the value of Brightness in 0 and Contrast in +40, press Ok, Press Ctrl U to open the Hue/Saturation, Select the Colorize option and set the Hue value in 180, Saturation in 100 and Lightness in 0, press Ok, go Edit> Transform> Perspective and distort the image as pictured below, press Enter to end the transformation.

circuito computador 2

03. Press Ctrl J to duplicate the layer, go Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur and set the Radius value in 4,4 pixels and press Ok, change the layer's blend mode to Screen, Press Ctrl E to merge the layers, Press Ctrl N to create a new document, repeat all the steps, at the end press Ctrl A to select an entire document area, Ctrl C to copy, go back to the document you're working on and press Ctrl V to paste the image, go Filter> Render> Lighting Effects and set the values below.

circuito computador 3

04. Set the opacity of the layer in 50% and change the blend mode to Lighten, at the end your image will be like the one in the picture below.

circuito computador 4

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