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Efeito cross processing no Photoshop

Cross process (cross processing in English, sometimes abbreviated to xpro) was the process deliberately photographic film in a chemical solution aimed at a different type of movie. The effect was discovered independently by many different photographers, often by mistake, at the time of the C-22 and the E-4. It was widely used for fashion and advertising photography of musical bands. In more recent times, He became a synonym of Lomografía movement. Via: Wikilingue Good, now that you know a little bit about Cross Processing, siga os passos abaixo e aprenda a simular este efeito através do nosso bom e velho amigo Photoshop.

Follow the steps below and see how is quite simple.

1- Choose a photo and open in Photoshop

original thumb[2]

2-Create an adjustment layer type of Curves and configure each color channel separately as shown below:

Efeito cross processing no Photoshop 01 thumb[1]

Efeito cross processing no Photoshop 02 thumb[1]


Efeito cross processing no Photoshop 03 thumb[1]

Note that your photo has won a shade and cool. Let's reinforce the effect with another adjustment layer.

3- Duplicate the layer adjustment Curves ( CTRL J ). Your photography will have stronger tones.

Efeito cross processing no Photoshop 04 thumb[3]

If you want to, You can terminate the treatment in this step. But let's take one more step to finish.

4- In settings you doubled layer, change the Blend Mode for Color and decrease the opacity to 60%. Like this, the effect will be softer.

Efeito cross processing no Photoshop 05 thumb[1]

Final result:

Efeito cross processing no Photoshop 06 thumb[3]

That's right guys. Espero que gostem do meu first tutorial aqui no Tips in General.


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