10 steps to gain skill in Photoshop

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When I opened my Photoshop for the first time I remember perfectly the following scene: I looked for him, He looked at me, It was a thing of another world. Putz, didn't even know where to start and just went really stir two days later.

Found it funny? Yet that is how many people feel when you open Photoshop for the first time: more lost that dog that fell out of the moving truck. ;the)

All kidding aside let's get down to business. In this article, show simple steps so that you gradually learn to get the most out of this powerful free image editor.

bild5[1]Anxiety: After you install the Photoshop course will create that cool effect that we saw in a tutorial. But don't be carried away or you can get lost altogether. Before anything else, você precisa conhecer o application e saber onde fica cada tool.

Start with the basics: Navigate through the menus, Windows, toolbar and see what the application offers in terms of variety of features.

Be calm: Nem pense em começar por tutorials avançados, even if your will be huge, advance one step at a time or you run the serious risk of discouraging early on.

Simple creations: The best way to learn how to deal with the tools available is exercising and for that we have a series of basic tutorials for you to familiarize yourself with the application. Open a picture and try to change the colors and apply filters to meet results.

Selections: It may not look, but master the selection tools is extremely important for any job. Is practicing that obtained the best results.

Never be discouraged: If you failed to follow a tutorial, Don't be discouraged. The expression "x Attempt error" is present in all, and it wouldn't be different in Photoshop. Notice and review carefully the tutorial to see if not jumped any step and make it easy.

Concentration: This tip serves as a complement to the previous tip. Turn things around, coloque uma music bem baixinha, just to break the silence. Feche todas as janelas em seu computer INCLUSIVE  MSN. Be hard in this aspect, because you won't be able to focus with little Windows jumping all the time.

Expose: Create a blog and show their work. This is a great assessment tool because people can give suggestions and make constructive criticism on their work.

There is content off the Web: With hundreds of thousands of articles and tutorials published , the web has become a wonderful source of information, but that is not enough. Buy books and magazines about the application, because surely you will learn key features that is not easily over the web.

Its methodology: This point I will leave open so that you even review the way that will lead your learning. I recommend that you follow the steps above as a guide to get started, but from it you can create your own methodology of studies and work.

And you? What methods you use to learn how to work with Photoshop?

Hugs and until next time.

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