Adobe launches CC Comp and takes to the iPad powerful features of layout and design

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Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE) announces that is already available to the Adobe Comp CC, a free app for iPad that allows you to quickly create layout concepts for printed designs, na web ou para devices móveis. With the Comp CC, designers can inciniar their projects on the iPad, criar conceitos que incorporem materiais criados anteriormente e depois transferir com facilidade para o computer, where essential tools of Adobe Creative Cloud, as Photoshop CC, Illustrator and InDesign CC CC can be used to create production-quality jobs.

Adobe CCO Comp CC amplia o fluxo de trabalho para dispositivos móveis e para computers habilitados pelo Creative Profile e bibliotecas da Creative Cloud. Creative libraries Cloud are the materials accumulated design — as images, colors, text styles, brushes and more — the members created with the tools of Creative Cloud. The Creative Profile sweeps the libraries of members as they pass from one application to another and from your computer to the mobile device, in the correct context, permitindo que trabalhem sem dificuldades em vários dispositivos e applications. Thanks to its Creative Profile and associated libraries to Creative Cloud, the Comp CC allows designers to quickly combine the Typekit fonts, relevant images, color swatches palettes and formats they need to begin their layout designs on iPad and continue your work later with CC tools for computer.

First presented at Creativity Conference quickly Adobe MAX, in October 2014, with the name of "Project LayUP", the Comp CC is a robust and powerful application created in Adobe Creative SDK, that allows designers to use simple gestures to iPad to quickly produce high-fidelity layouts. The Comp CC is now part of the Adobe family of connected applications for mobile devices from Creative Cloud, as Illustrator Draw, Illustrator Online, Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Shape CC and Adobe Color CC.

Quote from Adobe:

Scott Belsky, VP of Adobe products

"Just worth doing creative work on a mobile device if the results can be synchronized to the computer, onde o projeto poderá ser aperfeiçoado em uma ferramenta Professional e precisa, like InDesign or Photoshop. With the Comp CC, We simplify the design process, helping creative professionals get their first iPad layout designs and use them as the basis for a finished work of high impact on the computer — and all this thanks to Creative Cloud ".

Quote from designer:

Khoi Vinh, former Director of design of the New York Times and one of the 50 most influential designs in the United States, According to Fast Company's list in 2011

"When Adobe approached me and introduced the ideals for a new application to design, I mentioned the still untapped potential of iPad for digital designers and graphics. I saw the opportunity for a product that could make the creative process far richer and more immediate, but that still was a complement to the workflow that designers already have. Our collaboration in the Comp CC was amazing; the deep knowledge of creative software company associated with the breadth of their Creative platform Cloud were essential for this product — only Adobe could have created the Comp CC ".

Rates and availability

The Comp CC is a free app for iPad that is already available for download on Apple App Store. For language support and availability in international level, visit the Apple App Store. Information about prices and plans of Adobe Creative Cloud can be accessed at:

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