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photoshopVeremos alguns resources muito utéis no Photoshop, as the tool Desaturate, reverse adjustment, Gaussian blur etc.

I will use this photo below, but feel free to use any picture you want.:


First step: Open your photo option (file / Open). The first step is to remove the photo color through the menu image/ajustes / Desaturate. His picture was so:


Second step: Click the layer menu and select the option new layer.  If you prefer to tighten Ctrl + (J).

Done it, you created a second call separation layer 1. See below.


Third step: We will apply a setting that makes an exchange of colors, example: If a photo contains a blank part and another part with the black color he reverses the white to black and black to white.

Press the keys CTRL + I to apply the setting or, If you prefer, You can go through the menu image/adjustments/invert.


Your photo will be a little weird but don't worry.

Fourth step: In the Layer palette to select the color Dodge blend mode. See below:


The photo will be all white, This is normal.

Fifth step: We will apply a Gaussian blur filter named. Most filters used in the graphics area are of category blurring. Use the Gaussian blur to our image.

Click the filter menu / Blur / Gaussian Blur


There is no lightning (value) right to configure the RADIUS. Configure to your liking.

Sixth step: Click the layer menu / Flatten Image to join the layers making one. Remember to save the image. Check Out o resultado:


A little weird, but it looks like a drawing, It's not even? :D

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