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Use a picture for the tutorial, or if you prefer you can save this image below.


As the intutito is to create a frame for a child, I thought I'd create a frame a little different. Resources que serão utilizados neste tutorial:

Trace, styles, filters,etc.

First step: Open the photo and click the select/all. Will create a selection around the whole picture.


Now look for the Layer palette, It is very likely that it's your right. If the Layer palette is not displayed press f7 or click the window menu and choose layer.

Create a new layer.


Second step: We will create an edge in this picture. For this I use the option on the Edit menu called plot.



Put 60 px of width and color you can be free to choose your color.

Lembrando que existem diversar maneiras de se criar uma borda em other tutorials estarei mostrando outras opções para vocês.

Third step: Now that you have created a border, Let's improve a little bit.. To do this click on the menu Filter/Pixelate/dither.



Fourth step : Para finalizar clique sobre o botão Adicionar estilos de camadas e configure conforme as images below:


Select bevel and Emboss and texture. Configure how the screens below:



Mine was so:


Until the next!

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