3 ways to lighten Photos

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Today we will learn three ways to lighten an image.


First tip:I'm going to use the image above to our tutorial. Remembering that the image I'm using is inside the folder C:Arquivos de programasAdobePhotoshop CSAmostras.

I'm using Photoshop CS , mais você não vai encontrar dificuldades em fazer estas Tips usando o CS2,CS3.

In the Layer palette, Click the create new fill or adjustment layer, or if you prefer you can access the same options from the image menu / adjustments.


The first setting that I will show to you is the adjustment called curves.



Click the center point and adjust as the image above. Try moving the line up or down, to lighten or darken the picture.

Obs : Once you've finished adjusting the curves image again to its original state para testarmos other adjustments. To undo just press the key combination CTRL ALT Z

Second tip:The next adjustment is called selective color adjustment.


You can work with certain colors more for our case switch to neutral.
Em breve postarei alguns vídeo tutorials explicando com mais detalhes cada opção.


Teceira tip: Another setting that you can use is the adjustment levels.


Simply move the center point to the left that you Gets a brightening in the photo.

Obs: Para clarear determinadas partes da imagem você deve selecionar using as ferramentas especificas.





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