Removing shadows from images with Photoshop

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tirando-sombras-photoshop-1As sombras e os elementos desnecessários são os campeões na lista de problems nas fotos amadoras. I'm glad there are solution for these failures. Below, We'll show you how to eliminate these unsuitable items, using as ferramentas Correção e Carimbo, and we will see how to mitigate a very sharp shadow area. The tip serves for versions CS2, CS3 e CS4 do Photoshop.

Simple removal


In some pictures, as the ball of paper on sample image, a maneira mais simples de eliminar um item que ficou a mais é usar a tool Correção. To edit the image, activate the patch tool (Patch) and we marked Origin (Source) in the options bar. Done it, Select the ball of paper and, with the patch tool still active, move the selection to the left side (detail), What causes the ball of paper is covered by a copy of the floor. Ao soltarmos o mouse, the program completes the correction. Click Ctrl + D to deselect.

Removal in several steps


For things that are left in places with various details, Ideally the stamp tool (Clone Stamp). In the picture beside, We begin to remove the bag from the top. With a large brush, Press the Alt key and click on the grass to copy. Then, Click on bag for pasting. Repeat the operation several times. Wipe the bottom of the bag with the fix (Patch), in Source option (Source). Select the object and move to the side so that the copy of the tread fits into place. Cancel the selection to complete.

Reduction of shadows 1


Sunny days strong tend to provoke terrible shadows. Mainly in people with Cap, as in this example. In this case, We can only mitigate the problem. Able to pinpoint the shaded area with the quick selection tool (Quick Selection) (in CS2, use another selection tool) and apply the adjustment of brightness and contrast (Imagem > Adjust > Brightness/Contrast, oImageage > Adjustments > Brigtness/Contrast) on the edge so there's no color distortion. Improves slightly, as you can verify in detail.

Reduction of shadows 2

The image at the top of this page, We use a feature better than brightness. We engaged the image menu > Ajustes > Shadow/Highlight (Image &gAdjustmentsnts > Shadows/Highlights). The control box is already open by reducing the shadows in 50% and turning the picture into a usable image.


What really works against shadow is hard to photograph correctly. Look at this another photo from the same place. The shaded area is clearer because it was taken with flash. The next time for taking pictures on the beach, remember the flash.

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